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Bocuse d’Or Update

The office is quite a lonely place today. I’m keeping myself warm (it’s also freezing, thank you building managment) by reading about the Bocuse d’Or, a global culinary competition happening in Lyon, France today.

It’s not just any competition, it’s the “Olympics of cooking,” according to the organizers. Founded by Paul Bocuse, it takes place every year, and 24 different countries are represented in the two-day cook off. Chefs from each country must make a beef and seafood creation in 5 hours and 35 minutes. This can’t just be any old’ pot roast. This is a highly technical, super-precise, ultra-advanced cooking competition. Team USA is represented by Timothy Hollingsworth, a sous chef at Thomas Keller’s French Laundry. His assistant, Adina Guest, is just 22.

Read about it here. The competition ends later today.

Americans have never placed. The best we’ve done is sixth place. Keep your fingers crossed for chef Hollingsworth.

2 comments on “Bocuse d’Or Update

  1. I’ve worked with Tim at TFL and if the US is ever going to bring it home he’s the guy to do it. TK will have him ready to go.

    Nelli Secundum!

  2. I read an article several months back that Hung from Top Chef was trying to be the US rep. I bet his sous vide would’ve placed better…6th?