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Wanted: Jewish Deli

Good luck with this one:

My boyfriend’s parents visited this past weekend and promptly upon arrival asked me where the best Jewish deli is in town.  I had to stop myself since Ed’s closed (tear).  But, I live in Uptown and rarely leave the bubble (635 is about as far north as I’ll go.)  HELP! I can’t think of a single place to send them next time they come in town!

Well Ed is catering. Maybe you should call him and dine at home. This lack of Jewish delis, or any great delis, in Dallas is really baffling.

29 comments on “Wanted: Jewish Deli

  1. Deli News at Preston and Campbell is probably your best bet. It’s ok, but no one is going to confuse it with the Carnegie. Beyond that, there is nothing. Ed’s was pretty good until it closed.

  2. Shed a tear for Phil’s Delicatessen (now Lucky’s on Oak Lawn) even if you aren’t old enough to remember.

  3. Not a Jewish deli, but Cindy’s has good bagels and kosher bologna. I think they have knishes and latkes, but I haven’t tried them.

  4. Cindi’s may not be owned by Jews but they’re definitely kosher. I can’t get the thought of Deli News’ old location (Hillcrest & Arapaho) failing their health inspection so horribly. ignorance is bliss!

    off subject but where can you get dim sum in town? and I mean real stuff

    (please don’t send me to Richardson)

  5. Sorry Creth, Maxim’s in Ricardson is the best. They make their own dumplings fresh at the crack of dawn and can’t be beat fresh from the cart.

  6. thanks for the suggestion, and I don’t really have anything against Richardson, I drive to Coppell for BBQ… good food’s worth any drive

  7. Speaking as a maven of Jewish delis, I’m amazed about this, too. Also amazed that this conversation about delis of yore hasn’t mentioned Gilbert’s (where the food was good, and the service came with a sneer). Every time I go to Houston, I stop by Kenny and Ziggy’s near the Galleria and wonder why the guys behind this place haven’t opened a Dallas location. There is no segment of ethnic food more absent from the Dallas scene than a world class deli.

  8. Deli News at Preston/LBJ became Ed’s (he was one of the DN owners) and subsequently closed.

    Dim sum at Kirin Court in Richardson beats Maxim for me.

  9. The best delis in town are Deli News and Cindi’s (either at Royal/75 or at Campbell and Coit.)

  10. I’ve been dying for some Dim Sum. Question – can a honkie like me survive without dining with someone who can navigate for me? Also, how early do you have to go to Maxim or Kirin Court to avoid a long wait?

  11. Creath – Cindi’s (on line menu) has bacon, ham and sausage – so much for “kosher”. One would think a city like Dallas with a big Jewish population would have at least one deli…go know…

  12. @Curious: Yes, you can survive. Many of the cart pushers speak enough English to let you know the main ingredients. I usually go to Maxim’s around 11 on Sat. or Sun. and there is no wait assuming it’s not a holiday. Just fyi, this coming weekend (Saturday at least) will be crazy with New Year’s festivities.

  13. I echo this plea, just this past weekend I had a craving for a good pastrami brunch dish. I ended up at Lucky’s for their “Lucky’s Breakfast Special,” which is good, but it’s no authentic Jewish Deli. As for Cindi’s – their bagels are good, but in my experiences the rest of their dishes struggle, leaving me to ask – “Is it really the “best”, or just the “only” choice below 635?”

    @Pure Scmaltz – Agree on Kenny and Ziggy’s great food, wish they would duplicate in Dallas. But when in Houston, The Bagel Shop is a must try in the Bellaire area.

    @Puddin’ Tane – The NYC Katz’s or the Austin/Houston version? The latter has gone way down hill in recent years, if you’re talking about the former I second that!

  14. I have heard that the Katz’s in NYC ROCKS, but I was talkin’ ’bout the one in Austin- which I haven’t been to in about two years. Luv the pickles!

  15. I admit that I haven’t eaten at Cindy’s in more than a year b/c the service and food were so god-awful bad. When I called to complain about the rancid applesauce, I was totally rebuffed and then ignored.

    I sure do miss Gilberts. Really, there’s not much to choose from. Bagelsteins on Spring Valley & Walls are just memories. The former owner of Bagelsteins, Larry, still caters and makes a killer brisket sandwhich.

  16. I still miss Phil’s Delicatessen which was in the current Lucky’s space and Wall’s Delicatessen at Preston & Royal. Actually the Kroger store in Preston Royal (SS) northeast section, has an expanded kosher deli. I can’t say much for the atmosphere, but it’s a good deli counter.

  17. The fact that people are posting that Cindi’s makes good bagels tells me just how clueless people are in this town about Jewish food.

  18. Not a Kroger at Preston Royal – it’s a Tom Thumb and yes, they have good deli items esp. kosher…also the Tom Thumb at Preston Forest is chock full of great Jewish deli options…Gilbert’s which use to be at Preston Forest was absolutely the best…you could get an egg creme and the best potato salad ever made!

  19. I wouldn’t fret about the dearth of Jewish delis in Dallas, the same could be said about Brooklyn and Manhattan where delis used to be practically everywhere. Now, places like Katz’s, Carnegie, Sarge’s, etc. are destination dining places.