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Wanted: Neighborhood Restaurant (In My East Dallas Neighborhood)

Driving home on Friday night, I passed Alfonso’s, a solid Italian restaurant in the strip mall at the corner of Buckner and Northcliff. It was a little after 7 and there were about 20 people waiting outside for a table. Is the food there so good it merits such a following? Not especially. But it’s the only halfway decent, non-chain restaurant in the area.

A week ago, word of Another Broken Egg led to a discussion of the paucity of dining options in the Casa Linda/Little Forest Hills area. Consider this post another plea to any chefs out there looking for a location amid hungry, patient, would-be customers. I promise to be a loyal one (provided your food is good and appropriately priced).

Also up for discussion: What other neighborhoods are in dire need of dining options?

25 comments on “Wanted: Neighborhood Restaurant (In My East Dallas Neighborhood)

  1. I realize it’s slightly further southeast, but I’ve always liked Angelo’s on La Vista, right near the Lakewood Theater.

  2. I really think the Rowlett/Wylie/Sachse area could use some new restaurants. How many times can you have Braums or Taco Bell in one week? I’m so sick of having to drive 30 minutes for a good meal.

  3. Agreed. I think the general Lakewood area restaurant scene is completely lacking compared to what the demographic here could support. Even just something like a Houston’s would help!

  4. In Lake Highlands, there’s Lake Highlands Cafe on NW corner of Audelia and Walnut Hill, and there’s a seafood restaurant tucked behind a gas station on the SE corner of Audelia and Walnut Hill. I’ve heard both are good…but haven’t been myself. There’s also Flavors on Skillman/LBJ, which I don’t really consider Lake Highlands, but someone does. Don’t forget Mi Cocina on Walnut Hill and Skillman.

  5. Have you read their reviews on their website? Where else can you sit down with a linen napkin and eat in a nice place in that area? OP: What did you order that was not to your satisfaction?

    I’ve been eating there for 13 years and they do have a very good following with people who like their food, not just because it is the only one nearby.

  6. A solid Seafood place is what is needed. Maybe even sushi. It would be nice to take a walk or ride around White Rock and then go to a Fish City or Flying Fish type place. And although I don’t have children, my friends that do say they love Fat Daddy’s because its kid friendly and you can have a beer or two. So yea, I think the demographic would support some more dining. As far as mediocre goes, I think Alfonso’s garlic rolls and crab claws rock.

  7. My grandmother is a Szechwan Pavilion fanatic. You’ll find her there, instead of HP Cafeteria, which is not all that bad. I miss the back salad bar because it had deviled eggs, but I moved away so I can’t expect them to keep it cranking just for me.

    Jake’s turned Jakk’s. Not fine dining but one of my favorites.

    ST Cafe uses krab, not crab and that creeps me out.

    Hell, I grew up in that area and I can’t think of a place where the food makes me supremely happy. It’s mostly chains- Chili’s, Souper Salad, Boston Market, El Fenix (CL & at Audelia/635), Dickey’s, uh…

    Yay chains?

  8. You can eat around here. But, there’s really nothing that I consider special. Except maybe those $3 martini’s on Thursdays at Bonnie Ruth’s!

  9. Lake Highlands–specifically the area inside 75, Plano Rd., Northwest Highway, and Forest Lane–desperately needs more neighborhood eats. Having that Mi Cocina at Skillman and Walnut Hill is great, but we need more little corner centers like that. I realize that same corner is about to get that whole mixed-use development, but I suspect it’s going to turn out a lot more like Mockingbird Station–full of overpriced chain restaurants.

  10. Allison’s post is fine per mother’s Szechwan Pavilion …but how omitting Franki’s Little Europe in Casa Linda. Alfredo’s in Lakewood. God, there are tons. Ever just go out and explore? Sal’s on Garland Rd. These days any Nancy Nicol and dimed restaurant owner will beg you to recognize that ignorance is the antithesis of bliss in a recession. Great Mexican in Casa View.

  11. Find me a landlord or developer that is willing to work with an independent! I can’t tell you how many spots I’ve lost because of oppressive terms from landlords that are practically begging for an independent to fail OR have been iced out of a good location by slimy chains. Restaurants are obviously incredibly risky – especially these days. It is much easier for a landlard to feel like a chain has the financial wherewithall to ride out the current crisis. It’s a bit more of a tenant’s market these days – but the chain vultures are swirling over every prime location of an independent that has gone under.

  12. Agreed. The LH area is in dire need of restaurants. As much as we love Mi Cocina, Tukta Thai and Tony’s, we could use a few more.

    JB- you should try Offshore’s Next Door, the new seafood restaurant at Walnut Hill and Audelia. It’s kind of hidden, but definitely worth a try.

  13. A Second for the Sachse/Wylie Area..
    nothing but drive thru’s and litterally one hand ful of sit down places.
    Please for the love of god! Enough with the fast food out here East of Plano!

  14. As a new resident of the Casa Linda area, I would love to see more good restaurants. I am tired of driving miles and miles to find something other than fast food.

    Bonnie Ruth’s is good, but they are not open in the evenings. When Another Broken Egg Cafe opens, let’s really support it and show the landlords and restaurant owners that East Dallas needs more dining options.

  15. A Dallas native, I always thought that if I returned to the area I’d live in East Dallas. But work and housing prices led me to buy in Richardson. Parts are quite ugly, but the restaurants are great.

  16. As another new transplant to the Casa area we are definitely in need of restaurants on the upswing (is Frankie’s still alive or on life support?). Bonnie Ruth’s is fine and the desserts at Cafe Lago are pretty good. We need more!

  17. I love the food in east Dallas! Y’all don’t know what you have. Franki’s little Europe, cafe lago, sali’s, la parillada (sp?) , jakks, Szechuan pavilion, lovers pizza, dairy-ette, bonnie ruth, alfonzos, the starbucks food is chain quality but made by someone in the area, east Dallas Is awesome for food. Stop complaining.

  18. Can’t believe no one’s mentioned the family-run Tony’s, at Ferndale and NW Hwy. – much better Italian fare than Alfonso’s, and less expensive to boot. (But you’ll likely still wait for a table during the dinner hour – particularly on Fri. or Sat.)

    As for non-chain Tex-Mex, there’s Mexicali (next to Lowe’s, in the strip mall just w. of Jupiter on NW Hwy.). Good food done cheap, and friendly service. An overlooked neighborhood gem, if you’re into the enchilada/taco thing.

  19. Sliphammer- if you want CHEAP that’s what you get– Mexicali and Tony’s. You get what you pay for.

  20. Let’s see…good food in Casa Linda? There’s Szechuan- Hellvillion, Barf-becks, Cafe Mean-o,(if you’ve been there you KNOW!) Franki’s Yuckie-Europe…This area is a DISASTER. At least w/ Whole Foods opening soon, I can get to the grocery store faster, then home to cook a great meal, instead of being forced to go to Albertson’s: the store you get into, but can’t get out…