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Maximo Grand Opening: Revealed!

We’ve been telling you about Maximo Mexicana Cocina and Margarita Lounge, the new restaurant from Mark Maguire (owner of Maguire’s and Rise No. 1.), for a while now, and Saturday night was the opening party. The party was benefiting the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center. I had a little bit of a deja vu feeling, since I also attended the opening for BLT Steak, in the same space, a little over a year ago. If you want to know about it, jump.

The door to the restaurant is this huge, heavy wooden door with a big knob, kind of giving you the feeling of walking into a Spanish castle or something. Inside, the hostess stand is to the right, and in front of you is a backlit wall filled with rows and rows of glass bottles, pictured here.

Through the archway, to the right is the Margarita Lounge. It reminded me a bit of Javier’s cigar bar. Lots of leather couches and archways. Very cozy (except for the flat screen televisions). We just peeked in there, because we wanted to get to the food. Through the entry to the left is the dining room. It’s huge, and very open. Hardwood floors, white walls with black accents, purple velvet banquettes and couches with some sort of orange animal skin. Pictured (very badly) here.

As for the fun stuff: There was a mariachi band playing (yay!), and a guy making guacamole (pictured). We went outside to a little enclosed patio area (seemed temporary, not sure if it will always be there) to get drinks, and found a fantatsic raw bar, filled with oysters and huge shrimp (pictured up top). Moving back inside, we waited in line for the main event: a buffet table filled with guac and chips, chicken mole, enchiladas, beef tenderloin, and more. A nice spread, though it’s hard to know what will be on the menu and what was just party food. They were plagued by some opening night problems (no forks, no tongs for chips, no glasses for drinks). But there was plenty of staff running around and things could be fetched quickly enough.

I liked the atmosphere, and I’m curious to see what chef Amador Mora is going to do there…will this be a Trece twin? Also, they’ve brought a chef in from JGV’s Spice Market in New York City, which used to be one of my favorite hangouts, so we’ll see what he brings to the table. Everyone, go eat there and report back.

4 comments on “Maximo Grand Opening: Revealed!

  1. We stopped during their mock dinner on Friday night and had cocktails in the bar. Try their house specialty, the Black and Blue – part margarita, part mojito with crushed blueberries, blackberries and mint.

  2. We went last Saturday night. The Edam queso was not even melted just barely warm. When we asked the waiter, “Oh that’s the way it is suppose to be…” Three out of our party of four could not believe how little spice or real taste anything had. The finishout is spectacular, and service was fine, but the food was overpriced and terrible. We won’t go back again. High end Mexican, I don’t think so, such a bad idea. We love Maguires and were so very dissapointed!

  3. Seems like there were some bumps in the road on the start to Maximo but it’s clear they’ve paved a smooth road to exquisite cuisine served perfecty with exceptional service! We dine there regularly and will continue to enjoy the great chef driven creations and wonderful atmosphere!