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Quick Cheap Lunch: Antoine’s

I was just cruising Harry Hines and I stopped in to Antoine’s just near the Oak Lawn intersection. Ordered my usual: minced ham, with chow chow, provolone cheese, and extra pickles. A deal at $2.99. Antoine’s has been around at least 30, maybe even 40 years and they haven’t changed their menu of Po-Boy sandwiches much. The original is also a great sandwich (ham and German salami with the same condiments I listed above) and the homemade baklava is delicious. They run daily specials and you can get a sandwich, chips, and a drink for $3.69. (4234 Harry Hines. 214-528-5291)

12 comments on “Quick Cheap Lunch: Antoine’s

  1. Is this the same Antoine’s Po-Boy’s found in Houston? Are the fresh made there on the spot? Love them. Miss them. Only like them when they’re fresh made.

  2. Antone’s in Houston is the original and they are made fresh there. They copy it and call it AntoIne’s here in Dallas.

  3. @KR – thanks for the scoop. That could make a huge (or yuge, as they say in Houston) difference in taste. Also wonder if AntoIne’s has dolmas . . the original in Houston does.

  4. They are the same famly as Houston and serve the exact same poboy I grew up with in Houston. I love them and eat them every week.BARGAIN!!

  5. I’ll be the judge of this one! I grew up eating the Original #1 from the store on Taft. Antone’s sold out in Houston so I know the sandwiches are NOT the same as what I ate when I was a kid.
    I know for a fact the bread is not the same!!!

    BTW, it is spelled ANTONE’S- no I. :)

  6. Antoines is the store in Dallas. The owners have run it for 28 years. The address is 4234 Harry Hines Blvd. Here is their menu:

    Supreme – double ham, german salami, provolone cheese, mayo, chow-chow, pickles

    Original – ham, german salami, provolone cheese, mayo, chow-chow, pickles

    Turkey – breast of turkey, smoked cheese, mayo, sweet pickles

    Roast Beef – roast beef-eye, provolone cheese, chow-chow, mayo, pickles

    Pastrami – pastrami eye, provolone cheese, mayo, pickles

    Tuna – tuna blended with our own spices, olive oil & mayo, cheese, pickles

    Minced Ham – minced ham & salami, hot peppers, cheese, pickles

    They also sell stuffed queen olives, grape leaves (dolmas), peppers, cheese, pickles, and baklava (pastry) in individually wrapped packages.

    They also cater – sandwich and relish trays!

  7. I love their chow chow relish. Especially on their tuna salad sandwich. And, I know for a fact they’ve been on Harry Hines Blvd. since 1970. That’s when I started going there for lunch when I worked in the Dallas Trade Mart. For sure!

  8. If your definition of good is CHEAP, this is the place. Otherwise, almost anybody else makes a better po-boy and these are truly nothing original, it’s just a bready dry sandwich here.