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Burger King Says: Unfriend Your Facebook Friends

For all you Facebook addicts out there: You can get a free Whopper (if fast food is your thing) by un-Friending 10 people. Yep, you gotta ditch 10. It’s called the Whopper Sacrifice. While I can think of 10 people I’d like to get rid of (insert evil laugh and light tapping of fingertips together here), a Whopper isn’t worth it.

Now you know…

5 comments on “Burger King Says: Unfriend Your Facebook Friends

  1. @ Jeff
    But then they’ll all assume you’re a fat loser for unfriending them for a $2 mediocre hamburger.

  2. @Nancy Well, as your chosen friends crackle in the flames (the very same flames that cook a Whopper before it’s shipped to your local store to be microwaved), I think the point is to prove your love for Burger King. Courtly love for some ground beef.

    A Whopper probably isn’t worth it, but there were certainly ten friends I had that weren’t really friends – some were barely acquaintances – so why not do some spring cleaning a bit early?

    Dr Pepper losing the bet on Guns’n’Roses was an easier concept, but BK has had some really strange ads lately.