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Rumors Behind the Restaurant News

Well, my staycation is over and we are back at work. For some reason my computer and Internet connection at home are moving slower than I am this morning so, until I dock at the Mother (beat, beat) Ship, I’ll be brief.

I hear the old Pescabar space is morphing into a “pub concept” to be called Exchange. Pub concepts are hot. I wish someone would get a sense of humor and open a pub concept offering “Recession Cuisine.” We could have a lot of fun writing that menu. Lots.

And speaking of fun, it sounds like Hully&Mo had a soft (hard?) opening on New Year’s Eve. One insider reports “they were swinging from the chandeliers.” See: pubs with chandeliers. That’s a nice start to the year. Okay then, let’s get this party started.

  • Amy S

    Chocolate Angel too Cafe & Bakery opened at Preston and Forest sometime in December. Counter service, casseroles to take home, designer cookies. Very Celebrity-ish.

  • J.R.

    Stopped in Hully & Mo Sat nite — deadsville. Is this really a chef driven menu that they have? Do we even know who the chef is? Somebody out there know??

    Lets get movin’ Nichols — vacay is over.

  • ashley

    Chocolate Angel Too is excellent. I tried it today. It is the quick casual version of the longtime Chocolate Angel Tearoom in Richardson according to one of the employees. Same food but quicker service.