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Celeb Sighting At Javier’s

Over on the Overheard blog, JB Hayes reports seeing Samuel L. Jackson last night dining at Javier’s. Hopefully he tried the snapper mojo de ojo. I could really go for some of the red and green salsa right now…

So far, no one knows why he was in town. Methinks he might have just been a week or so late for this.

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  • TheEyesHaveIt

    Gotta love that mojo de ojo. You really have to see it to believe it.

  • Styemie

    Almost as good as the moco de ojo.

  • Juacala

    Now there’s a site for sore eyes.

  • Sarah Eveans

    @ Everyone: Ew. Yes. Mojo de ajo. Apologies.

  • snootyfoodie

    Mojo de ajo is legit but its soooo hard to ever pass on the cantiflas. BTW, is Samuel L even considered a celebrity anymore??? Snakes on a Plane..nuff said.