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Mainstream Fish House Will Close

Mainstream Fish House, the cozy family seafood restaurant with a Mexican accent in Preston Forest, will close at the end of the year. It will open a few weeks later as The Hanging Halibut. NOT REALLY. It will open in January as…drum roll, please: Rockfish Seafood Grill.  What? No more bread pots? There is a foodie god. Sardines, all aboard!

  • mark

    Sad, never have eaten there but if this trend contiues Dallas is going to have all dining diversity of Longview.

    Just last week I was going to eat with some friends and they just love Rockfish. I didn’t win any points when I said “Rockfish is just a Chilies with run of the mill seafood”. I pitched a fit and we ended up at Shuck’s and all they could do was btich about “Where’s the peanuts?’

  • gammypie

    I love that place. I’m so sad to hear about their closing. I will miss their Lobster Louie and the Ahi Tuna salad.

  • marcy

    Mainstream was never the same after MCrowd took over day to day management from the founders. We took our seafood dollars to Fish City.

  • Chloe

    I tried to signup for your RSS feed but it didn’t work. How can I do this?

  • Kenni

    Does anyone have a recipe for their Lobster Louie salad and dressing? That was my favorite salad!

  • Kathy Levine

    My husband Mark and I met or our first “date” there back in March 2006 – I actually invited HIM out and paid for the meal – we had the best time and “clicked” he wasn’t what I was looking for at the time. We became best friends and a year later we started dating. We actually exchanged promise rings to each other at the restaurant – great food – great service – it will always have a special place in my heart.