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Can Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Komachi Knives

Good lord, I thought I waited until the last minute. Listen to this:

I am in desperate need of finding a local store that carries Pure Komachi knives. They used to carry them in several stores but I can no longer find them anywhere in Dallas! I own a few myself, and they are FANTASTIC. I was planning to give a couple of them as Christmas presents but haven’t been able to find them. Can you ask your readers if they have seen them anywhere in Dallas? I could order online but I’m afraid it won’t get here in time as I need it in my hands by Sunday.

It’s Thursday. Come on kids, let’s get busy.

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7 comments on “Can Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Komachi Knives

  1. Goodness, Bethany. That was FAST! I just looked for them on Costco’s website but they are nowhere to be found. But thanks!

  2. Thanks Kirk, but Monday won’t work as my parents are leaving town on Sunday to go deliver gifts/visit relatives before coming back to Dallas in time for Christmas.

  3. The Tuesday Mornings in Frisco, Lakewood and off Walnut Hill all had them last week…worth a shot…they also have all the 50’s retro colored KitchenAid tools and fantastic deals on some extraordinary copper pots and pan

  4. I got mine from the Bed Bath Beyond on 6th Ave in NYC . . . but I suppose that doesn’t help the OP. Maybe a local BBB stocks them here?