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8 comments on “Ed’s Deli, R.I.P.

  1. Whenever I felt the need for soul-warming
    “Jewish penicillin” I would go to Ed’s Deli for matzo ball soup. However, what started as consistent homemade broth, looked and tasted entirely different each time. In addition to a heavy hand of S&P to mask a weak broth resulted in an obvious substitute of canned, high-sodium chicken broth. Then the recipes for nightly specials must have been sold to the lowest bidder, as calves liver became tough beef liver and kugel with raisins was transformed into — seriously — kugel with jujubes! Why not close with a good image rather than a bad one? With Bagelstein’s now closed, I guess it’s NYC or nothing!

  2. OK, if you’re going to drop this news on us like a week-old matzo ball, at least tell us where we can find SOMETHING resembling NY deli food. Do not, I repeat, do not, mention Cindi’s.

  3. Is deli news on preston and campbell still around? it used to owned by ed too right? or ed’s deli used to be deli news? either way Deli News is fantastic!

  4. To bad about Ed’s but Deli News at Preston /Campbell is still #1 and taught ED’s
    how to make all of their food!!!