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Brian C. Luscher: Chef or Dining Critic?

I’ll end today’s Quesadilla Madness with a report (and photo) from The Grape’s chef Brian Luscher:

We went next door to Quesa-d-yas for lunch today. Nice Guy/Good Neighbor/Owner Paul greeted us at the front door with a handshake, then did the same to the next patron that came in.  Genuine hospitality.  The space is bright, clean, and fun.  The menu hangs right there in front of you…with all 23 filling selections in their glory. We ordered the smokey mountain w/ steak [medium], a build your own, w/ pork [carnitas]black beans pico, roasted corn, cilantro, & carm o’s, and a two small burrito selection, we told ‘em “chef’s choice” which they put together chicken, jalapeno strips, cheese, rice, black beans.  All orders come with comp. chips & salsa, so I raised ‘em a large queso.  Total 34 smacks.  Not bad considering four swarthy cooks, the milkman, and a valet couldn’t finish it all.

The “D-Ya’s”  were grilled in a giant tortilla press, not at all greasy/oily, to a nice golden brown crispy-ness.  The fillings,available for inspection a la open kitchen, were all very fresh & made from scratch.  Coulda used a little more salt, but I am a salt addict, Karin Porter [aka Brown Sugar], our chef de cuisine, said “I don’t know, I think it’s just fine.” so there.  15 minutes later, we were handed our complete order, piping hot.  The wait wasn’t a big deal, because they have a flat screen pumping out the VH1 Best of the 80’s videos…In an old Journey vid, I believe it was “Separate Ways” Neal Schon was totally rockin’ the fro-tista and a very comfortable looking powder blue satin kimono sans undershirt and Steve Perry was smuggling either a polska kielbasa or a kosher dill, couldn’t be certain. We will be back.  We will be regu-lars.

Just what do they put in those things? Lordy.

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13 comments on “Brian C. Luscher: Chef or Dining Critic?

  1. I thought reviews of this joint required a minimum of five exclamation points.

    Still, looking forward to trying it out — tonight hopefully.

  2. Genius. All food reports should include an 80’s rock memory lane detour. Bill Addison eat your heart out.

    Glad to hear there’s a new spot worthy of checking out! Thr Grape ain’t too shabby either!!

  3. Now that’s a review I can get behind!!!!! (Does that work for you, Drew?) :)

    Sounds kind of like a Chipotle with quesadillas as the main event instead of burritos, only with a much better selection of fillers and bonus chips and salsa, all for about the same $$ or maybe a little cheaper. Even more interested in checking it out now….

  4. As i remember i ate that kind of food before when im in hongkong called Kebab!!!yah,its the same like that but in kebab you can put any kind of sauce you want its either hot or not,so now i want to taste if the kebab or that food is the same taste…..


  5. OMG more like Quesa-d-YICIOUS!!!

    Okay I can’t effectively pull off the enthusiasm that others in the earlier post could, but it is indeed good stuff. I tried just the small steak D-Ya to go and, along with the complimentary chips & salsa, it was very filling. I noticed after I had already ordered that they have shrimp available as well (for slightly more) — will probably try that next time. But the steak was lean and tender, the vegetables tasted fresh, and the chips that come with it were crispy and non-greasy.

    @Todd M, coincidentally the owner drew a few comparisons to Chipotle himself. He also pointed out that once you order, this place mixes up the ingredients in a bowl first, so that everything is evenly distributed and you don’t get a bite of just cheese or just steak. Can’t say that’s ever taken away from my enjoyment of a burrito but I suppose it’s a nice touch. While they focus mostly on carry-out and delivery, there are a few seats at the counter that stretches across the front of the store.

    Great to have another friendly, reasonably-priced, somewhat healthy spot in the neighborhood. I mean, “in the neighborhood!!” (there, that makes five !s) I wish them much success.

  6. Great to have you in Drew…glad we could make you feel good about your dining choice, and thanks so much for the well wishes.

  7. Wow, what a great idea. The homemade Quesadilla with delivery as a pizza substitute. That is a brilliant, drunken college business plan, just like Texadelphia. I’m going to try it this weekend. Steve Perry rules!

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