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Trader Vics Offers Cheap Zombies on Halloween

Now that’s a headline I’ve never written before. Anyway, word has just come that Trader Vic’s will be offering $2.00 Zombie drinks. On the website, Zombies are described as “Our version of Don the Beachcomber’s original lethal libation. A real dirty stinker.” That tells me nothing. But there is also a picture, and it’s orange and icy, so we’re guessing it’s full of vodka. Go and enjoy.

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  • Rusty

    It’s actually filled with rum, then we add some rum. Next it’s topped with rum.

    Also in the spirit of Halloween and Warren Zevon, anyone in Trader Vic’s dressed as a werewolf will enjoy a pina colada, as long as your hair is perfect.

  • Pallava

    Follow it up with a Queens Park Swizzel- by far one of the strongest drinks in menu.


  • John

    i love the Trader’s Zombies, this is a great promotion.