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22 comments on “Sarah Palin Will Eat Lunch in Dallas

  1. Believe if she really wanted to set the tone for her party’s proper reaction to the current economic crisis she should have chosen Subway instead of the Fairmont.

    Of course Subway is way palin’ in comparison with the Fairmont in terms of dining experience.

  2. RC DALLAS – just because she’s a woman doesn’t mean she gets to choose to have her luncheon at the fancy Fairmont. She has no ability to choose any more than Joe Biden would get to choose to have his luncheon at Buffalo Wild Wings.

  3. Oh c’mon DGirl — you’re throwin’ some pretty weak acid in my face. Don’t get your sensitive feminist Republican thong in a twit so fast. It’s called a joke. Palin’in comparison? Get it? Guess not.
    So go now and look up joke in the dictionary and then go out and buy yourself a serious sense of humor.

    Also to Nancy — why is it called Baked Alaska and not Roasted Alaska?? Always wondered bout that.

  4. RC – I do have a sense of humor. I thought it was kind of funny that I linked Joe Biden and Buffalo Wild Wings together. heck, BWW is a funny name. Wouldn’t have nearly as funny if I had used Braum’s.

  5. Oh that N.N. is being one smart Chilean sea bass again.

    However my point was somewhat serious
    Ham is baked but never roasted
    Garlic is roasted but not baked
    Bread is baked but not roasted
    Pies and cakes are baked but not roasted

    Ok fine …… but
    You can have a baked potato AND oven roasted potatoes
    You can have baked chicken casserole AND a roasted chicken

    Does anyone really know why we say baked or why we say roasted? We know they’re both done in an oven but who made the rules?
    (I’ve known several professional bakers thru the years who roasted many of their ingredients every day and even they can’t give me a straight answer)

  6. RC
    I will call a chef today and get you an official answer but off the cuff I would say baking involves mixing ingredients that actually have a chemical reaction when they bake–yeast, fat, soda, etc. Roasting, to me, would have more fat and caramelization and browning of a meat. For the record, you can roast and bake potatoes. OK, I’m in too deep.

  7. Thanks for your interest Nancy and this discussion of bake vs. roast terminology might be an interesting question for you to pose to your dishers and get their responses some day.

    I’ve called up some chef buddies for their input and have already gotten a pretty wide range of responses from them; like:
    “roasting is for larger multi-portioned items like pot roast”
    “roasting is done generally at a lower temp than baking (because of size of item)”
    “anything with a dough will always be baked”

    Their are always exceptions to the above and I’m starting to think it boils down to either semantics or whatever grandma called it (tradition). But still curious . . . . hmmmmmm — still want to know who made the rules and what they based them on.

  8. Auguste — yes a pot roast is braised, but it still makes a fine example of a large meat item that is multi-portioned like my chef friend said yesterday.

    He also mentioned you work for him as a line cook and he’s now going to have to cut your present $8 @hour wage down to $7 @ hr for calling him a douche. Not a real swift move on your part Auguste, especially in this economy.