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Will Casey Thompson Increase the Occupancy of San Francisco?

OK, I have three e-mails telling me that Casey Thompson is moving to San Francisco. Their source? Casey’s Facebook page. Not linking to it cuz I think that is sleazy and something that only Tim Rogers would do. (He copped that photo from said page.) That said, in the world of media reporting, three of any one thing makes it a trend. Or, in this case, a semi-fact worth semi-reporting which is somewhere in the definition of the word “blog.” So I texted, e-mailed, and called Casey. CF? Wassup, chica. Spill it.

UPDATE: It’s official. Casey is packing up and moving to SF next week.

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10 comments on “Will Casey Thompson Increase the Occupancy of San Francisco?

  1. With Casey’s spot now vacant on the most beautiful list, does this mean that a certain pretentious squinty-eyed Romulan could possibly find a way to worm her way in on the list? Just remember you heard it here first folks on Squinty Watch.

    Say it isn’t so my arch nemisis and friendly foe Girl of the World

  2. Hello all! Yes, its true. I am in San Francisco. Great city and I have been playing quite a bit in Napa. Blame me?

    Thanks for the kind words, Johnny.

    Everyone in my home town will be missed. I had such wonderful friends there.

    Cute pic. Talk soon…