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Making Dallas Even Better

The Grape Is Open for Lunch on Fridays Through December 26

Hooray! Now we don’t have to wait for dinner to get that famous mushroom soup. Friday lunch service at The Grape starts this Friday, October 3, from 11:30 am-2 pm. Other goodies promised by chef-owner Brian Luscher: a “killer cheeseburger” (I think more information is required here), moules frites, cascabel and cerveza chopped pork sandwich, […]

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Eating Maine: Part II

Well, we slept like babies on the first night–probably enhanced by the complimentary Mighty Leaf chamomile tea in the White Barn Inn lobby–so we were ready to feed the belly come daylight. After a buffet breakfast–fruit bowl, quiche, and a bread basket filled with everything from croissants to cherry almond muffins–we hit the streets of […]

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Patrizio’s Contributes Occupancy and Synergy to Cedar Hill

Hey people, a little blue bird with molting feathers tells me Cedar Hill is getting an “urban development” called a “village.” That should make you hungry. Anywhoo, it’s “some where down there” on Belt Line and it’s called Uptown Village. So far they have Matt’s Rancho Martinez and a Razzoo’s, not to mention a Maui […]

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Thanks to Chef Stephan Pyles, 2100 Ross has 92% Occupancy and Synergies with Arts District

Yesterday, Eats Blog contributor Joyce Saenz Harris Beyond Stuff and More wrote that her three-syllable-named colleague Sheryl Jean reported that the leasing team of CB Richard, the world’s largest commercial real estate services firm (in terms of 2007 revenue), announced that Stephan “With-An-A”‘ Pyles, one of Dallas’ premier chefs, is opening a new restaurant called […]

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Orange Chiffon “Migas” with Coconut Ice Cream and Honey-Vanilla Marmalade, Anyone?

Yow. Zah. Yes please, Mr. Anthony Bombaci, send seven orders over to our office before we all faint from hunger. Dang, we have to wait until Thursday, October 2? Yes, that is when Nana will host a five-course dinner, including the aforementioned dessert, paired with wine from Dry Creek Valley. The sassy dinner is $125 […]

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