Do We Really Need Scented Organic Water?

Maybe I am just getting crabby in my old age but when I opened a press release announcing Herbal Water, “the only nationally available USDA Certified Organic flavored water is now available at more than 500 Safeway Stores”, I wanted to go back to bed. Seriously, are you going to get bamboozled by every “organic” scam? Help me here: Isn’t “organic water” redundant? Here, straight from the you-can-make-this-stuff-up department:

Herbal Water blends hand-selected, organically grown herbs with purified water and nothing else – no preservatives, colors, artificial ingredients, sweeteners or calories – to create a refreshing taste and an enchanting aroma.

Herbal Water is a healthy alternative to beverages that contain calories and artificial flavors,” says Ayala Laufer-Cahana, trained pediatrician, accomplished artist, and company founder. “As more people demand healthy and organic beverages, we are delighted that our line of Herbal Water will be available to them at Safeway stores.” Recently, Herbal Water was recognized by Delicious Magazine as a “delicious flavored water (that is) a great sugar-free alternative to soda…this water is smooth and refreshing.”

Oh, that’s enough. Delicious or not. I have work to do. (Somebody comb that woman’s hair, please.)

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8 comments on “Do We Really Need Scented Organic Water?

  1. Maybe that’s the “sexy, effortless style” A&F is talking about.

    Or is that just “effortless”?

  2. OR, someone could add some mint and stevia (that they grow themselves!) to their glass of water with ice. Now we know another good use for Stevia herb.

    Just goes to show that some people will fall for anything.

  3. Hmmm.

    Please, folks … she’s a “trained pediatrician.” Not to mention and “accomplished artist.” What is hair, when dealing with someone of such obvious talent?