Dave Faries Named New Dining Critic at Dallas Observer

We missed this yesterday, but Bill Addison reported on the Eats blog that Dave Faries has been named the new dining critic at the Dallas Observer. Faries used to write a column called the Burning Question for the Observer, and he used to do some food reviewing there too, before he took off for Prague (lucky lucky) to write dining reviews for the Prague Post.

I did a little scouting around the office. Here’s what I found out about Faries:

Cons: Close talker. Long talker. Always carries a legal pad. Always.

Pros: Enjoys a drink or two. Considered by some to be a bit of a dandy. Gorgeous eyelashes.

We realize none of these things have anything to do with food, but good info nonetheless. Best of luck to Dave. We’ll be watching…

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One comment on “Dave Faries Named New Dining Critic at Dallas Observer

  1. Unfortunately, David Faires does not have a qualified background to be a dining critic. What in his history allows his palette to be the one that discerns excellence from forgettable? His journalistic skills are already in doubt and lack true depth and construction. His pop culture writing is similar of a backpage commuter college writer. Please don’t let the Dallas Observer turn into the FW Weakly.