Your Favorite Thing to Eat in Dallas?

When I was on my press trip last week, a writer from North Carolina asked me what my favorite thing to eat in Dallas was. Seemed like any easy enough question to answer, but it really stumped me. I think I stumbled around and answered something about brisket tacos, just because I had eaten them recently (I do love them, but I’m not sure if they’re my favorite thing to eat here). I’ve been thinking about it ever since, and I’m hoping Dishers might have some insight.

Foods that came to mind: Snuffers cheese fries, Sammy’s potato casserole, Bob Armstrong dip from Matt’s, a filet from Bob’s, frites from Toulouse, turkey sandwich on bone bread from Eatzi’s, guacamole from MiCo, a burger from Jake’s and Burger House, and Triple ‘Roni pizza from Fireside. Basically, what you’d been craving if you’d been out of town for a month or so. Help!

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21 comments on “Your Favorite Thing to Eat in Dallas?

  1. Here’s my partial list:
    - Pressed Cuban sandwich at Jimmy’s
    - Elvis Mack at Shinsei
    - Steamed mussels and Belgian frites at Old Monk (with a few glasses of Hoegaarden of course)
    - Potato salad from Spring Creek Barbecue
    - Fried whole sole from Tei Tei
    - Yakitori duck breast at Teppo
    - Chicken Mole at Cuquita’s
    - Pho at Mai’s or Vietnam
    - Too many things to list from Abacus
    - Tacos at Fuel City
    - Shrimp and grits from Hattie’s
    - Patric Chocolate Cake from Doughmonkey

  2. Brisket Tacos from Mias and their ritas
    crunchy spicey tuna rolls from east wind
    meatball sub with a tall bottled coke from Jimmy’s
    lasagna pizza from rocco’s
    banana snow cone from aunt stella’s
    fries from burger house
    petit fours from a&j’s bakery on oaklawn
    migas from cafe brazil
    a mambo taxi enjoyed in the upstairs “monkey bar” at mi cocina
    bread pudding at patrizio’s
    filet cantinflas at javier’s
    and a standard captain and coke from the loon

  3. I almost can’t walk my dog by Rocco’s because it makes me want a lasagna pizza.

    My go-to meals are:
    -conchiglie con spinaci from Patrizio
    -blt or Ben’s chili burger & a vodka soda from The Loon
    -brisket chimichanga & Big Red in a can from Manny’s
    -cosimo roll from Sushi Zushi (far from true sushi but I love it)
    -barbacoa tacos from Fuel City
    -flank steak from Eatzi’s w/ extra sauce

  4. How could I forget this one? I don’t even get a menu anymore at Al Biernat’s.

    -Al’s Salad, cup of corn and crab chowder & a super filthy martini

  5. Lasagna pizza? Oh em gee. I know what I’m having for dinner tonight!

    Can’t top these lists… they’re great, but I have to add: the Porch’s tomato soup and grilled cheese!

  6. Two exceptional favorites that are so great -Silver Bowl salad and buffalo chicken sandwich — both at State & Allen in Uptown.

  7. crawfish etoufee from big easy in plano (esp. in season)
    hate to join in the hype but lemley’s tomatos are probably the best i’ve had
    a month isn’t very long to crave something

  8. no question (but still odd to me) Ahi Tuna at Al’s (something about that dish blurs my fear of fish in Dallas)

  9. @Dallas Dude–what are prom cakes?
    @Allison–yes to Al’s salad.
    @Karen–nice call on the mambo in the Monkey Bar.

  10. ham bread (spiked with green olives and raisins) at Zaguan’s
    crawfish etouffee at Alligator Cafe
    pizza at Campania
    cookies from Doughmonkey
    Venezuelan triple chocolate cake at La Duni

  11. More that came to mind:
    - Elk tenderloin filet with the Shiitake mushroom red wine reduction at Al’s
    - Fresh pasta (any of them) at Nonna
    - Fries from either Burger House, Twisted Root and a few other places, but you gotta make spicy ketchup with Sriracha (kudos to restaurants that keep a bottle on-hand for people like me)
    - Jimmy’s Crumbled Sausage pizza at Fireside Pies
    - Fletcher’s Corny Dogs – only during State fair – frozen version just isn’t as good
    - Fried Chicken from Bubba’s or Babe’s

  12. Chile Rellenos (1 chicken, 1 beef, no sour cream, green chile sauce on the side and charro beans) from Chuy’s.

    Junior Dip from Stan’s Blue Note.

    Dbl Cheeseburger with everything but mayo and fries/onions combo from Chip’s.

    Bami Pat Kai (spicy) from Zoom.

    Babe’s Fried Chicken.

    #12 from either Great Outdoors or Great American Hero

    Chicken & Andouille Sausage Gumbo and french fries from Big Easy.

    Thick, bone-in, pork chop with rosemary maple glaze from the grill in my back yard.

  13. I’d tell you, but then you’d end up going there too and the place would get too crowded. Well, that’s rude. So, have you tried a burger at Wingfields? Bar-B-Que at Odom’s? Pearl Couscous at Mercury? Tex-Mex at El Jordan? Caesar salad at Parigi? Breakfast at my house?????

  14. Pizza (any kind) at Louie’s
    Greek Salad at Louie’s
    Pad Thai with Tofu and Chicken at Thai Noodle and Rice on Fitzhugh

    More to come….

  15. Shrimp and grits at Hattie’s
    Hummus at Kavala
    Mole enchiladas at Veracruz Cafe
    Queso at Tejano

    (I’m an OC boy obviously.)

  16. Sarah – Prom Cakes are the most heavenly breakfast item ever, hands down. They are oatmeal pancakes filled with sliced bananas topped with granola and an apple praline sauce. They tend to skimp out on the apple praline sauce, so be sure to ask for a little more when they are delivered to your table. They are a must try.