Hollywood Goes to Perry’s

So the other night I’m watchin’ the last season of Prison Break (Hi, JJ!) and I’m stunned when I see the Dallas Farmers Market doubling as a street scene in Panama. Silly me, I didn’t know a lot of the show was shot in Dallas. What I do know, thanks to a big acorn that just fell from the tree, is that last night Perry’s Restaurant became the “set” for not one, but two television shows. One side of the restaurant, The First 48 filmed seven Dallas homicide detectives celebrating the outcome of a brutal crime case solved. Across the room, The Real Housewives of Orange County shot a dinner scene featuring the show’s stars Vicki Gunvalson, Jeana Keough, Lauri Peterson, Tamra Barney, and Gretchen Rossi discussing their struggle to find balance and fulfillment in their demanding lives filled with careers, children, and men. Needless to say, owners Amie & Clay Bergus, and partner/chef Travis Henderson were more than busy last night. More scenes to be filmed tonight? Dunno. Perry’s, wassup?

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11 comments on “Hollywood Goes to Perry’s

  1. Because women in Dallas look like women in Orange County and it’s cheaper to film here. Silly. Do you believe in TV still? That is so charming.

  2. Oh no!!!! This is like finding out that Santa Claus doesn’t exist or that Tom Cruise isn’t psychotically deranged.

  3. Perry’s was created several years ago by Bill Esping of EFO Holdings and named in memory of his father Perry Esping.

  4. KR: thanks for the history lesson. Btw, aren’t you supposed to be in Houston playing golf or some ridiculously non productive thing like that?


  5. Thanks, KR, that is interesting. Is it not affiliated with the Perry’s in The Woodlands? And, they flew the Housewives out to Dallas with production crew to film a scene at a steakhouse, rather than staying in Cali? That makes zero sense. The cast members must have been in town for another reason???

  6. To answer your questions, KRM, Perry’s is not associated with The Woodlands’ Perry’s and one of the cast members of the show went to Baylor. She came back to town (with the film crew)m to visit some friends and selected Perry’s as their meeting spot.

  7. We had a great time with the “OC” the other night, the cast and the crew were great..
    We had a few customers that went to the restroom to get “spiffied up” just in
    case they would be lucky enough to get on camera.
    We also had the “Cop” crew from “The First 48 Hours” and they were filming as
    well. We were feeling well protected from the bad guys and the paps. We have a
    great relationship with the Dallas police department and Dallas Police
    Association. Perry’s donates dinner every month to Dallas’ “Cops Cop” who is
    voted by their peers.

    Just FYI we saw where the bloger stated Bill Esping is the founder and owner.
    Bill, Amie and myself are all owners and creators of the “Perry’s Restaurant”,
    Clay is the General Manager of the restaurant.
    I hope this clears up any confusion.

  8. I hear from a well informed person that it is NOT true that RHOC was even in Dallas let alone filming there… Wonder why so many are reporting seeing them there?

  9. I was wondering when this episode will be aired? I am a waiter at Perry’s… hi Travis, and I took wonderful care of the RHOC ladies and they had a blast. I want to see how I did for my television debut. Thanks and… ask for Jordan.