Where to Eat in Chicago?

Whoa, dude. Where NOT to eat in Chicago–it’s my kind of eating town. Anywhoo, a busy, business-type Disher is heading to Chi-town and wants us to steer him to the finest plates in town. Of course, I love Rick Bayless. (BTW, so does Obama.) Bayless’ bar makes the best margaritas in the world. I can’t remember the name of the teeny Vietnamese place I tried but any on the ones on Argyle Street in the Little Vietnam neighborhood of the city will do the trick. Sarah Eveans sez she loves Merlo on Maple. Et tu, Nation?

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34 comments on “Where to Eat in Chicago?

  1. Breakfast – Tempo Cafe on Chestnut( 24 hours/cash only)

    Lunch – You have to have to have to go to Rockit Bar & Grill and get the Rockit burger, but get the sweet potato fries in lieu of the truffle fries. Best burger and fries I’ve had in a long time in a cool space with a good crowd. I kept telling the guys I ate with that that place would make a killing in Uptown.

    And the local beer, 312, is pretty good and summery if you can find a table outside and enjoy the weather this time of year.

  2. If you can afford it, i think everyone should try Charlie Trotters at least once in their lives. :)

  3. hot doug’s.

    gourmet hot dog place that fires the french fries in rendered duck fat on the weekends.

  4. For Italian Beef – The Patio on Taylor Street on the near West side.

    John Barleycorn’s on Lincoln Avenue for Beer and food.

    Goose Island Brewery for micro brew and good food.

  5. Love Kiki’s Bistro – and as others have mentioned: Frontera and Spiaggia. Rose Angelis is more off the beaten path but really wonderful Italian.

    Can’t forget pizza, too. Even as a former resident – I like to wade through the tourists at Giordano’s for deep dish.

  6. Fine Dining; Les Nomads
    Pizza; Lou Malnati’s, Ogden & Cermack[?]
    Italian Beef; Mr. Beef on Orleans
    Hot Dog; Gold Coast Dogs, Wabash Ave.
    Ribs; Twin Anchors Tavern, Sedgwick St.
    Luke Warm Old Style [naturally kraeusened in God's country] in a Paper Cup; Wrigley Field, corner of Clark & Addison

  7. You are all wrong. Avec on West Randolph, be sure to sit at the counter and watch the cooks in action and eat what ever they tell you to.

  8. can’t…stop…out..of…control
    szechuan house; Michigan Ave
    Bobak Sausage Co.; off Cicero [in Berwyn?]
    Polska Kielbasa/Maxwell St. polish;Maxwell St
    Gryro/Saganaki: Parthenon Greek Town

  9. Quartino for great Italian small plates, salumi, and great value on a nice selection of wines.
    Good press for Graham Elliot. I’ve not been there but was fortunate to have dined at Avenues in the Peninsula Hotel when he was leading the kitchen. He has a deft hand when it come to ingredients, taste, and texture.
    Alinea if you want to have the meal of a lifetime. A bit of super fine dining meets Alton Brown. Go with an open mind.

  10. yah, yah, Fenton, The Grape in Chicago…
    polish bakery; Fingerhut
    seafood; Shaw’s
    Steak; Gibson’s
    Italian; Italian Village
    German; Berghoff [R.I.P. Golden Ox]
    Breakfast; Lou Mitchell’s

    sorry, all that just slipped out

  11. Spaccanapoli – rachets it up a notch past all the “authentic” Italian pizza spots in the DFW area, and I do know what I am talking about. On a par with Luzzo in NYC and Pizza Bianco in Phoenix.

  12. “inspiration trip”?
    after reading about you’re little junket with Bad’s, I’m not sure if you could keep up…

  13. Shaw’s Crab House is great, try the oyster bar side for a more affordable experience.

    Spago is fantastic

    Joe’s Stone Crab is an old favorite

    Osteria Via Stato has come on strong

    For the best “Mall Food” in the country, try Foodlife in the Watertower: http://www.foodlifechicago.com/

  14. When in Chi-town, you’ve gotta get deep dish pizza, and the best deep dish is at Pizzeria Due’s on Wabash.