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Troy Aikman Eats

Shocking development: Troy Aikman eats dinner at MiCocina in Highland Park Village. He was with, I guess, either two of his daughters or one with a friend. He was wearing a (very tight) t-shirt from Bruce Sprinsteen’s latest tour. Funny, the last time I saw Troy was at the Springsteen show in Dallas. BTW, the parking lot at Highland Park Village may be full of “beautiful” rich people, but it stinks. I was standing by my car last night and the stench from the sewer made me sick at my stomach. It was overwhelming.

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5 comments on “Troy Aikman Eats

  1. Troy eats there at least once a week. He was spotted there with his daughters on Sunday. Someone actually walked up to him and asked him to sign a photo.

  2. haha… how funny Dgirl!!! just got a call from my honey and he said “guess what? Just had a chat w/ Troy Aikman at the meat counter in Whole Foods”. two minutes ago. how timely!

    anywho, he said that Troy is just starting to shop there. Great, now I gotta wear makeup to shop.

    the last time I spotted him was at the spa at the Mansion. there i was with a towel on my head wearing a robe, face freshly smashed from a two hour massage, and he’s working out in the gym as I’m waiting for my next treatment. don’t tell Will but… YUM!

  3. Troy’s been seen at Starbuck’s in HP Village from time to time and chats it up with the rest of us while waiting for his cup of go juice. Yes, he’s approachable! Go Troy! Go Cowboys!

  4. Yes Troy does eat at Mi Cocina and he usually has his two beautiful daughters with him along with his lovely bride…if you hang out at Harry’s you can see them there too! Evidently Harry is a Rockstar with Troy’s girls.