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September: Better Breakfast Month–Who Knew

Corporate conspiracy theories aside, I love to celebrate random special days and months. And September is full of them. Besides being National Biscuit, Chicken, Courtesy, Piano, Baby Safety, Classical Music, Honey, and Potato Month (of course not all together), September has many popular “days”. My favorites include Newspaper Carrier Day (4th), Elephant Day (23rd), and Chewing Gum Day (30th). How about we all agree on a food theme for September and claim it as our own. Like Tristan Simon Month or Bad Waiter Day. I’m open. But, as usual, I digress.

I admit that breakfast has never been a regular meal on my eating schedule. I usually save the calories for a dining review. However, last month I started a regular breakfast routine and I do feel better. So, I’m way ahead of the curve on Better Breakfast Month which starts next Monday. To honor this blessed event, Starbucks, is introducing six breakfast items “made with wholesome ingredients” such as hot oatmeal, energy bars, and muffins to their caffeine-laden menu. Now you can have your java jive and healthy start to the day with one stop. Thanks, Howard. May you enjoy counting your money even earlier in the day.

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5 comments on “September: Better Breakfast Month–Who Knew

  1. I’m tellin’ ya, Nancy – Buzz Brews for breakfast. They have the best pancakes anywhere and this crepey thing called The French Connection rocks the universe. It’s not very breakfasty but it is heaven on a plate. I’m going to start my Better Breakfast Month at Buzz Brews. (I don’t work for Buzz Brews, y’all, I’m just a fan.)