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Lunch of the Day: Buzzbrews

We are quite busy over here at SD HQ, putting out the October issue of that magazine-with-the-food-reviews-in-it, so lunch needed to be eaten at our desks. Since the new Buzzbrews Kitchen just opened up on Lemmon Avenue (in the old Tradicion spot) about a mile from the office, we decided to try it out. This plan was almost foiled when they failed to answer the phone, but by that point we had our hearts set on our orders, so Zac and I headed to the restaurant and ordered to-go. The restaurant wasn’t very full, which probably means people just don’t know it’s open yet. Jump for pics and details of the lunch. Also, if you want to order from them, the new phone number isn’t on the website. It’s 214-521-4333 (if they answer).

Buzzbrews is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is about two miles from my house. All of this adds up to a very certain feeling that I will be spending a late night or two there. A good thing to order: The turkey and spinach sandwich. It’s simple and good. Turkey, spinach, tomato, onion, and spicy ranch dressing on a French roll. Stacey and I shared it, along with a side of sauteed broccoli, spinach, and portabello mushrooms.

Zac ordered something called the Hare Krishna, which looked really good. It was basically an egg white omelette with jack and feta cheese and avocado slices. I believe it came with potatoes on the side as well. Vegetarians seem to have many options here. It is pictured below. Nancy ordered a side salad, so I didn’t take a picture of it, but it was very large for a side. This was a very good lunch overall, and I’m looking forward to eating it again at 3am.

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6 comments on “Lunch of the Day: Buzzbrews

  1. As I’ve been going on ad nauseum here, I love me some Buzzbrews but I will say those fine folks over on Lemmon Avenue – your service is not quite there.

  2. On the topic of Buzzbrews, I’ve been meaning to post on a recent brunch experience at the Fitzhugh locale and see if any other Dishers have had a similar occurrence. First thing first, I had the Bluto and DAMN it was good, but the service somewhat baffled me.

    My friend ordered the Mr. C, but received the Mrs. C. Ok, no biggie, we alerted the server. Much to our surprise, the server’s response was “Oh, I totally heard Mrs., so here you go.” He didn’t offer to take it back and make the order right, but instead comforted my fellow bruncher with the solace that the Mr. and Mrs. weren’t all that different after all, failing to point out that the Mr. has Chorizo and the Mrs. has Chicken.

    This was my first time at Buzzbrews, but is this a common practice? How hard can it be to just replace the order?

  3. Will and I ate at that one once, and something about it was VERY Twilight Zone. We couldn’t put our finger on it, but it was wwwwweeeeeeeeiiiiiiirrrrddddddd. weird servers, weird noises everywhere, weird atmosphere. of course it could have been because we were amped up on cold medicine at the time… but I don’t think so.

  4. Buzzbrews has the best pancakes in Dallas in my opinion. Try the banana nut pancakes if you like bananas…you will not be sorry!

  5. Buzzbrews rocks – their bacon rivals All Good Cafe. I can overlook spotty service for good chow after over indulging at The Old Monk of Vickery Park.I hope the Lemmon location does well.