Can Somebody Help This Dieting Dude?

A Disher who loves sweet tea without the calories begs for your attention. He asks:

I’ve noticed that some restaurants that once stocked Splenda as an on-table sweetener have stopped. Pei Wei recently didn’t have it and the Houston’s in Kansas City didn’t either. I think it’s because Splenda is so much more expensive than Sweet & Lo or Equal, but I’d be curious to see if that was like a cost-cutting measure that some of chains are taking in this economic environment.

Wow. Curious. I dunno. Does Splenda needs a special month or a day? Does Starbucks offer Splenda? Splenda-gate is on. Where’s Miss Amy when you need her?

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8 comments on “Can Somebody Help This Dieting Dude?

  1. Amy sends these wholesale stats:

    Sweet & Low (2500 ct) $23.79
    Equal (2000 ct) $28.10
    Splenda (2000 ct) $31.86

  2. Starbucks offers Splenda. Lots of people don’t like Splenda. Especially Splenda’s competitors.

  3. IMHO, Splenda tastes so much better in iced tea than either Sweet&Low or Equal. I carry my own little yellow packets of Splenda, because I’m so tired of not finding my sweetener of choice on the tables of way too many restaurants.

  4. sugar adds a whole 16 calories per packet. use two and you are up a whole 32 calories. just walk from your car and you’ve burned that. those other sweeteners are so bad for you! I’m sorry if it cause cancer in lab rats it isn’t going into this body. (hmmm… not to self: stop social smoking)

  5. I work at restaurant and while we have Splenda, we only serve it by request and it isn’t normally on the table. You might want to ask even if you don’t see it in the sugar caddy. Maybe because of the higher price, they only serve it by request or something like that.

  6. Try stevia – it’s a naturally sweet herb. You can buy it in packets at any natural foods store. To date, stevia hasn’t been shown to cause any scary side effects like the other sweetners. (I was just watching the Gilda Radner movie where she sings about saccharine and it make you go hmmm). I carry a few packets in an old altoids tin. Just use caution – it’s VERY sweet. So if you dump in an entire packet, you may ruin your latte.