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Victor Tango’s: Insider-y Edition

Our fashion editor Stephanie Quadri attended the oh-so-private soft opening of Tristan Simon’s new spot, Victor Tango’s. Here is her report:

As Nancy mentioned, I did attend the pre-opening/Anne Stodghill’s (wife of lawyer, Steve Stodghill) birthday bash at Victor Tango’s on Saturday night and yes, I am still recovering. Here’s what I recall: The Rat Pack themed party drew in a huge (it was packed when we arrived at 9:30 and continued to be throughout the evening) crowd including actor Bailey Chase (from TNT’s Saving Grace), Mark Cuban, Todd Wagner, Tom Landry Jr., Capera Ryan, Jonas and Nicole Woods, JB Hayes, Rozalyn Columbo, Michael & Melina Cain and many more. Bartenders worked feverishly to fill drink requests while Managing Partner/Operator Greg Katz made sure things ran smoothly. (Jump for more!)
Hunter Sullivan preformed while guests sipped on savory handmade cocktails such as the French 75 (a champagne cocktail and my personal favorite), Chipotle Sour (a unique blend of spicy and sweet), Tango Fresh (the house specialty made with cucumber and mint), Midnight Sidecar, and Gold Rush and munched on fois gras monte cristos, pigs in a blanket (made with home made sausage), and duck and pork meatballs with figs. The former Sense space has been completely transformed with red brick, leather booths, retro tables, and black and white checkered floors. If Saturday night was any indication of how the “mixology bar” or “gastro pub” will be received once it officially opens on September 2, I say get in line now. See you there.

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9 comments on “Victor Tango’s: Insider-y Edition

  1. I’ll go to Eddie “Lucky” Campbell at Screen Door or the crew at the Mansion Bar if I want a mixologist. Those guys are the only true mixologists I’ve encountered in town so far.

    Creating cocktails like nearly every bartender is different from the mixology trend…taking fresh ingredients, like herbs, fruit, spices, etc. and making an unusually amazing drink. It’s the “chef-approach” to making drinks.

    Even Lucky takes a molecular gastronomy approach with some of his creations, which can be way cool.

  2. i tend to agree with nate- i’ve seen the fedora drink menu, cocktails from the 1890s to 1940s …. that i am excited to see….as long as they make them correctly lol

  3. I am no expert here, but I do know that all ingredients used to make cocktails at Victor Tango’s are fresh and each contains unique ingredients such as muddled fruits and herbs, purees, and homemade (by VT’s) syrups and grenadines. Oh, and opening date is actually September 8, not 2.

  4. I attended this soiree and know that much more is planned for the new digs. “Mixology” is a bad way to describe the handcrafted wonders that we consumed…repeatedly, and then a of the large contingent of us moseyed around the corner to Candleroom. Thanks Tristan!

  5. We were there… Happy Birthday Anne (even though I think her birthday was a couple of weeks earlier) and I had way too much of the above. (note to self… should have had more foie gras monte cristos, less French 75′s) I didn’t really get the decor concept, but I think that since this was a very pre pre party that there will be lots of changes.. ie I know they are doing something different with the tables. But anyway, it was a great time overall and we were glad to be a part of it!

    Other notables there included Mr. Lombarti and MY PERSONAL FAVE Julian Barsotti! (i’m such a chef groupie!)