Can Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Me

I am going to be in Southern California for a few days in September. I’ll be in Dana Point and Long Beach area for the most part, but I’m driving into LA to eat at my favorite old hangout, Madeo. If you have another other suggestions, send them. I haven’t been to LA since I moved back here in 1994. Don’t suppose too much has changed, eh? (George Clooney, I’m coming after you.)

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12 comments on “Can Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Me

  1. I used to live in SoCal and my favorite place is in Seal Beach – it’s called Captain Jack’s. It’s a dark “joint” kind of place with red leather banquets and aquariums, there might even be some nets strewn about – kind of kitchy but GREAT seafood and prime rib and a salad that I crave everyday since I moved from their eight years ago.

  2. Nance, what about Mario Batali’s restaurants, Pizzeria Mozza and Osteria Mozza? I haven’t been to either one but have read a lot about them.

  3. I’d definitely like to hear what you think about Pizzeria Mozza for sure. Even purists love it but qualify it as not really being “true” pizza…whatever that means.

    If you can get down to Marina Del Rey, check out Antica Pizzeria ( – it is the head of the American delegation for Vera Pizza Napoletana and where I trained…


  4. When you are have blown through your cash (and can’t fathom the double double animal etc…)try my favorite chain- Wahoo Tacos. Its in Huntington beach – I think there is also one in Dana Point. Great grilled fish tacos as well as carnitas tacos. (plus the added bonus of wall to wall surfer dudes)

  5. I love Pedro’s Tacos in San Clemente…Their fish tacos are yummy, I always crave them!

  6. The Nobu in Malibu is great! I haven’t been, but I met him when he opened the one here, and he invited some of my friends to dinner with him and Nobu’s biz partner… ANYWAY… fan freaking tastic! It was one of those… just let the chef tell you want you want kinda things and it was over top.

  7. Mothers Bar in Sunset Beach – your kind of place

    while you’re atg it get yourself an In’n Out cause you ain’t gonna get one in Texas anytime soon, if that’s your kind of thing

    but definitely Mothers- if Dallas hasn’t made you go soft ;)

  8. Splashes in Newport is fun to go to… you’re right on the water. Las Brisas in Newport is nice, too… in Long Beach I love the little breakfast joint called the Potholder. It’s worth the wait. Also in Long Beach… well Huntington is the Huntington Beach Beer Company that is just off PCH and a fun, local place to grab a brew after a day on the beach.