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44 comments on “In-N-Out Burger to Texas?

  1. I have also heard rumors of this and heard that one will be replacing the Steak n’ Shake off of 75 near Caruth.

  2. Ironic, since I had talked to them before about possibly opening one in Dallas. Guess they already had this lined up, because I was thanked for the interest but turned down for unspecified reasons.

  3. This might be the best thing that has ever happened to Dallas if it comes to fruition. I was raised on In n’ Out and since I moved to the Big D I’ve craved it almost daily… Is God finally answering my prayers?

    BTW… It is a family owned business, no franchises.

  4. as a long-time dallas resident living in southern california i can assure you that whataburger is HANDS DOWN a better burger – NO QUESTION.

    what’s worse is that the dq’s here are owned by brazier and are horrendous relative to the dq’s in and around dallas. rural dq’s are a close 2nd to whataburger, but the california competitors are not anywhere close.

    sorry. the bang-to-hype ratio is way out of line.

  5. YES.

    Yes yes yes yes yes yes YES.

    As a Dallasite-cum-brief-Southern Californian-cum-Dallasite again…. this would positively delight me.

    Whataburger has its place, but In-N-Out is a whole ‘nother burger, and excellent in its own right.

    I really hope this rumor is true!

  6. Very exciting! I’m from LA, and I really miss In-N-Out. Mooyah in Plano is pretty good, too, though…..

  7. WALTER: He lives in North Hollywood on Radford, near the In-and-Out Burger.

    DUDE: Uh, the In-and-Out Burger’s on Camrose.

    WALTER: Near the In-and-Out Burger. Th–

    DONNY: Those are good burgers, Walter.

    WALTER: Shut the f*ck up, Donny. The kid is in ninth grade, Dude, and his father is–are you ready for this?–

    DUDE: Hmm.

    WALTER: His father is, Arthur Digby Sellers.

    DUDE: Who the fuck is that?

    WALTER: Huh?

    DUDE: Who the f*ck is Arthur Digby Sellers?

    WALTER: Who the fu– have you ever heard of a little show called Branded, Dude?

    DUDE: Yeah. Yes I know–

    WALTER: All but one man died? There at Bitter Creek?

    DUDE: Yeah, I know the fuc*ing show Walter, so what?

    WALTER: Fuc*ing Arthur Digby Sellers wrote 156 episodes, Dude.

    Ryan A

  8. OK, if I moved from Dallas to SoCal and there was a rumor that Whataburger was coming to Cali – I would be saying “yes, yes, yes” and “oh please, please, please” and “Whataburger is way better than In-N-Out” etc… So with that said, I have been fortunate enough to have eaten plenty of both! IMO, Whataburger is better! In-N-Out is so Hollywood over-hyped (not saying its bad- just an average burger)…

  9. You all make me giggle. I’m with DGirl–love Fatburger, but I think In-N-Out is the new Krispy Kreme. Rolling out.Ryan A, you made my day. Good stuff all of you. Thanks.

  10. In and Out in Dallas would be a dream come true! I’m so addicted to their burgers that I bring them home frozen.

    I was saying months ago when they brought in 2 other west coast restaurants(Gordon Bierch Brewery and RA Sushi) that In and Out had to come too!!! It would be stupid not to put one here.

  11. I know In-N-Out Burger. In-N-Out Burger is a friend of mine. Whataburger, you are no In-N-Out Burger. Not even close. Really not in the same neighborhood.

  12. Have eaten at several sites from Cali to Las Vegas. Burgers remind me of Wendy’s way back in the day when they advertised “hot and juicy”…………Burgers are good, fries are kinda soggy……..Bottom line – I think Nancy is right drawing comparisons to Krispy Kreme. They came in with great fanfare, long lines and now????? You can drive right up and get served. It’ll be the same with In n Out…………..

  13. It’s won’t be the same with In-N-Out because it is good food at a good price and not just a novelty or nostalgia. I lived the first 24 years of my life in SoCal and have yet to see an In-N-Out that struggled.

    I hope the rumor is accurate. Please keep us updated.

  14. Hey I’m a manager at In-N-Out. The company has plans to go to texas but it won’t be for a couple of years. Because our meat is never frozen we can’t drive it across the country because it would compromise our quality standards. What we hope to do is open our own meat department out there (because yes, it’s so fresh we even make our own meat patties)so we can successfully open a few stores in the more heavily populted ares of texas.

  15. If you like In-N-Out there is an new place in Frisco called GoGo Burger – the burgers and fries taste like you are sitting at INO in the middle of southern california. They have the best milkshakes I have ever tasted (crushed twinkies in the milkshake).

  16. I just ate at an In-N-Out burger two days ago and I, most certainly, do not understand the hype. Onion or no onion? Come on. The burger basks in mediocrity (at best).

  17. “Basks in mediocrity” It’s cute how you strive to be different by having a dissenting opinion. Food is, by definition, a matter of taste. For those of us who have a taste for a Double-Double, and live in Dallas, this would be heaven sent. If you don’t like, please just stay out of our way in the drive thru.

  18. Bradley = retard. In N Out rocks!! Saudi sheiks have them flown over on private jets to Saudi Arabia. What other burger can make that claim.

  19. I would be stoked to have an In N Out burger in Dallas. However, the hype for me is being in SoCal outside in the awesome weather eating there, not here. But I will eat it, if they build it.

  20. I hope if what I heard is true In-N-Out in Texas. God my tongue is salivating just thinking about that Animal style double double with mounds of grill onions that even require one to lick the paper wrapper to get all the sauce and melted cheese and onions off one must not create waste now. WHATABURGER BETTER THAN IN-N-OUT?? Get a life

  21. hahahaha OMG!! Gil you hit the nail right on the head. We were born and raised in Calif..been in Texas almost 4 years. I would love love love to sink my teeth in a double double, fries and a strawberry thick shake..mmmmgood!

    I just posted that question on the City of Frisco question and answer board becasue I heard In-N-Out was coming here so check that site for an answer.

    Also waiting for El Pollo Loco and Carls Jr.

  22. hell yeah bro! IN n out is the shit! i would kill people to get my hands on one of those glorious burgers! I’m from cali, and when I moved to texas 10 years ago i didn’t think I would miss it so much; now I make sure i eat there often every time i visit. P.s. in n out is 100X better than Whataburger, i dont know what you been smoking if you think otherwise. P.s.s del taco is awesome too

  23. I emailed them and they let me know that it would not be happening any time soon, but they are seriously considering it.

    Nothing to get excited about. It’ll be a couple of years at least before it happens probably. I’m certain we’ll hear about it when it does open up.

  24. I’m a loyal Whataburger fan (live in Big D) but In N Out is better in my opinion. The fries are hands down better at INO and the burger is really good.

    Every trip out west I go to INO. I wore an INO tshirt to Market Street in Coppell the other day and 8 PEOPLE made a comment to me about it.

    Bring INO here… best fast food around.

  25. Hands down In n Out is wayyyyy better then whatsitburger…I to am from california and I can smell it now…I like the protein style…YUM! and Hollywood doesnt over hype this place…the people who go to In n Out hype it up…becuase they go back allllllll the time! O I do hope they come here!

  26. I was raised in the Metroplex & I have developed a craving for both. Whataburger is about the best thing going for the serious burger enthusiast, save for Five Guys of DC (they are in a class by themselves). But I have always enjoyed the taste of the Double Double with grilled onion. Its a completely different flavor that sort of resembles a big mack on steriods although much better than a Big Mack. Everytime that Im in CA, AZ, NV I google the nearest In N Out and make a beeline. I would love it if they come to the Dallas Area. If I had to pick one that I simply couldnt live without, it would be Whataburger though. I love the Whataburger with cheese all the way with Jalapenos.

  27. I agree that the whataburger w/ cheese and japs is a good burger, BUT having just returned from southern cal to H-town and having had 3 double doubles while there (all animal style) I just prefer the taste of In-n-out to whataburger. However, would love to see them put japs if asked.

  28. What-a-crappy burger does not compare to In-n-Out burger, had both Moooya and GOGO in Frisco and they were good but too expensive compared to In-n-Out prices but they were better then What-a-crappy burger. Everytime I go back to cali I got to have In-n-Out just about everyday (and try to squeeze in The Hat also). Since I drive to cali for vacation I always make sure I stop by Tucson at In-n-Out just to get the cravings out of my system.

  29. man i wish its true tooo, i was in cali on the 14th of august and i was there for 2 days i ate in n out 5 times, damn there is nthn like it…i heard that there is a onr in austin but it turned out to not be true…i had to make sure because i thought about driving 3 hours and come back to dallas on the same day…JUST TO EAT THERE…damn its the best burger ever!!!!!!!!!

  30. I emailed In-n-Out to ask them to expand into Texas. =) I agree that Go Go Burger and Mooyah are close, but nothing compares to In-n-Out. Whataburger is good, but nowhere near the quality of In-n-Out. I’m leaving for Cali tomorrow and can’t wait to eat there.

  31. I was just in Scottsdale,AZ on Sun and the guy who was working the counter told me that there will be 100 locations coming To Texas in the next year. I emailed the corporate to make sure…we shall see. He said to check the website but nothing there. He seemed like he knew what he was doing. He also knew how to prepare the burgers that I was bringing back to Dallas….

  32. Houston, We have a problem! No In N Out Burgers… I have spoken with atleast 20+ people that are dying for an In N Out Burger. The Woodlands or up near Lake Conroe would be a perfect location for one. Because it is close to my house… They need to consider Lake Conroe and The woodlands area for a location…
    Hungry in Houston

  33. First: You guys fall for this everytime, I hear the samething all the time about Tommy Burgers and Trader Joes. There is absolutely no evidence that In & Out is coming. Just a bunch over-zealous fans making something out of nothing.

    Second: I grew up in Dallas and lived in LA fo 4 years (got back as quick as I could, ehhh!) In & out is hands down better than Whataburger, Jakes, Kincaids, and Fat Burger combined. I don’t know what you guys are smokin.

    In & Out has decent fries, and they give you a crap-load, great burgers, excellent milkshakes, nad the best-damn customer service I have ever seen. Whataburger does not serve an Animal burger, you can’t get a Low-carb burger at Kincaids!

    The only thing that only comes close to In & Out is Tommy’s and there not coming here either so get over it!