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Lisa Garza’s Actions Speak Louder than Her Words

OK, we all heard Next Food Network Star finalist Lisa Garza wax poetic about wanting to be a role model for young girls. Many people thought she was just floating a bunch of warm-and-fuzzy babble on national TV. However, I just received an e-mail from a mother whose 8-year old daughter, Maggie, a burgeoning foodie, was captivated by Lisa. The family lives in Round Rock, and made plans to drive to Dallas, eat at Suze, and meet Lisa. Here’s Mom’s report:

After weeks and weeks of waiting and days selecting what to wear, we made arrangements to stay overnight in Dallas. Then…a phone call…Lisa will not be able to meet her at Suze after all!! She became tangled up with another obligation. There were tears, but we were already in Dallas and Maggie wanted to go eat there anyway. We walked into Suze and were greeted with “Are you Maggie? Lisa is so very sorry she can’t be here. She sent these flowers for you though!” Beautiful flowers too! Maggie was in awe of being in the elegant little bistro and took her seat.
The food arrived and we were all happily eating when suddenly Maggie turned chalk white,dropped her fork and squealed. There was Lisa!!!! She’d ducked out of her catering commitment to run by to make sure she didn’t let Maggie down!! There was Lisa in brown and cream looking every bit the movie star in her hostess apron. She took Maggie outside and talked with her and posed for pictures and even pulled her husband out of the kitchen so Maggie could tell him she “will never order pasta again if there is lamb on the menu.” Lisa had to get back to her work so she hugged Maggie and tied her apron around her little waist and thanked her for being such a great fan. It is we who thank Lisa for her gracious, unselfish spirit that makes this world a more beautiful place. Thank you.

Goose bumps. Who has ‘em?

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  • Margie

    That really is nice.

  • Marci

    That was a really sweet gesture that you just know Maggie will remember the rest of her days…and Lisa quite possibly inspired someones future with her actions. awesome. :)

  • Nate

    The camera may not have liked her much on TV, but I think her actions speak for herself: people who meet her love her. Who needs the Food Network? Lisa is fine without them.

  • Rawlins Nichol-Loadian

    Love it. Now can she get my 78 year old neighbor (arrested for eating a stuffed-crust pizza going 85 mph on LBJ with a double rocks Wild Turkey highball in hand) out of Lew Sterrett? Tell Lisa that ‘Lupe and David’ are huge fans!

  • Gigi

    That was a really nice gesture, especially for someone that spent money at her restaurant. However, It would be nice to hear that Lisa Garza volunteered for kids that really need the attention: at a women’s shelter where girls don’t cry because they are pampered little darlings who dine at Suze, but cry because they just saw daddy put his fist through mommy’s face, or at the food bank where kids have never had gourmet food or what about at a homeless shelter where the price of a Caroline Herrera couture dress could clothe a needy family of four?
    I am not trying to be contrary, and I have seen Gilbert Garza at foodie fundraisers. I just haven’t heard much about what Lisa Garza really does for the people she claims to support through Community Outreach. What DOES she do in the community to help the needy? I’m just sayin’…

  • DGirl

    Gigi, you are totally bumming everyone out. Why even bring up garbaaage like that when this is a feel good kind of story?

    You’re going to make me cry.

  • BoogieNYC

    LOL…someone get Gigi a new prescription.

    Lisa’s not Mother Theresa, she’s a cook/restaurant owner and a mom. She went out of her way to be gracious to a little one and make her smile.

    Truth is, I’m impressed — but I’m not shocked. She seemed a lot more genuine and good-natured than her appearance at first would have suggested.

    Good story. And good luck with all that, Gigi.

  • Marci

    ya know…i went searching for info on any of her charity contributions (because i was curious.) and found this excerpt to a interview she gave to…

    “COMMUNITY OUTREACH=any one who really knows me, knows this, I overcame a very difficult and abusive [sic] childhood to be the strong ass woman I am today. I will never forget where I came from. I will never forget what it feels like to be hopeless and in need of love. I don’t throw change at the homeless, I hug them, I love them and I feed them. I am sick to death of all these beautiful celebs eating up the attention and not addressing real issues. I don’t think food TV does enough to educate the public on how hard we work to feed the hoeless [sic], how many millions of dollars are raised because we donate our time, food, and service to charity events, sometimes, during the busiest time of our year.”

  • Nate

    Gigi: I guess you have never seen Lisa at the Share Our Strength “Taste of the Nation” events over the last few years. Or maybe you have never attended the other charity events that Suze has been a sponsor or participant of – and yes, Lisa is there on her feet the whole time serving food and engaging in conversation with attendees. Each of those events requires around a $1000 fee, plus at least another $1000 in food and labor expense (some of their staff work there but don’t come free). Those events directly benefit local organizations that either feed the hungry or provide shelter and/or safety for women and children.

    You also miss the point that Lisa LEFT her catering commitment for probably an hour, so that she could visit with this girl and ensure that she was being treated well. Her client could have complained later on, but that’s an assumption we cannot make.

  • whackedupside

    Geez, GiGi. Get a life!

  • Marco

    No audience too small for sweet Lisa.

  • Jo

    Thanks for such a sweet story!

  • bubba

    wipes romulen tear from eye. “you like me, you really like me”. ta dah!

  • Rawlins Nichol-Loadian

    See FrontBurner for shocking update!

  • carlos

    Wow Gigi ya sort of missed the point of the whole story. What sort of sad life do you have that you would begrudge a little girl an exciting experince? Do you go by kids sitting on Santas lap and yell “He’s not REAL?” And to call her pampered is really judgemental maybe the family saved for “weeks and weeks” to provide thier child the experince.I guess parents shouldn’t take kids to disney world either.

  • Julie Blacklidge

    That makes me want to cry.

  • snootyfoodie

    Cute story and very nice gesture. Gigi…take a chil pill.

  • SquintyWatch

    Are you fake? Are you stupid? Are you needy? Does your image need a make-over? Are you constantly being accused of being a complete loser phoney?

    My company has helped hundreds of people just like Lisa. And now, for a limited time only, we will “plant” stories in major media sources just for you. Call for details and save!!!!

  • Mike Phelps

    Am truly shocked at the Frontburner scoop on what really happened concerning that innocent little girl and how she was ultimately used for an image makeover for Lisa and her constant need for media attention. Sorry for your “sagging popularity” Lisa.

    This is a tragic story. It’s no wonder that Aaron and Adam have their own show on the Food Network. They deserved it and earned it without stooping to Lisa’s level.

  • Twanna

    Can we please move on and NOT read about Lisa Garza for a while? Is it possible? It has been a nice couple of weeks not having her in the media.

    There has got to be more interesting and more important stories in this world than this, believe you me.

  • Don Ho

    I like Lisa and I’m glad she is getting some positive press.

    However, Nancy’s over-gushing makes me wonder if they are lovers.

    Nancy, are you?

  • Mary

    Read Freds post on Lisa in Frontburner. Just Hilarious.

  • Jenn

    I have to agree with Gigi that Lisas “charity work” sometimes rings a bit hollow and sounds overly rehearsed. One moment she seems sincerely sympathetic to the homeless and then she immediately negates it when she flaunts her designer clothes and pompous attitude in peoples faces without so much as a flinch. Homeless people deserve better.
    Her quote in the latest D Mag didn’t help matters much either. She seems like she almost enjoys being her own worst enemy.

    Think I’ll have to take a pass on having my daughter meet Lisa Garza. Sorry to say.

  • Marco

    I would rather have my daughter meet Sharon Hage. Genuineness and talent are better qualities for a female role model than “fashion sense.”

  • Fred

    Marco is right. Sharon Hage is a sincere awesome talent and mentor to both girls AND boys interested in the culinary arts.

    Casey Thompson too.

  • DGirl

    Looks like Gigi got her friends to chime in today. And Jenn, honey, I don’t know Lisa personally so I don’t know if she “flaunts” her designer clothes but the fact of the matter is this: Dallas’ citizens are an incredibly charitable group and it’s the designer-wearing sometimes pompous people who tend to donate the most money for charity. So really, maybe that’s exactly what homeless people deserve.

  • Nate

    How or why Lisa’s clothing is now being used as argumentative fodder in this discussion perplexes me. It is simply inane. It seems like any time we comment about Lisa, somebody takes a left turn and goes off the reservation.

    For you critics, keep an eye out for any events that benefit hunger organizations, shelters and other social issues. Chances are you will see the Garzas in force. They have good hearts.

    Don’t criticize until you have met the woman. Give her 5 minutes and she will show what I’ve experienced: sincere appreciation and enthusiasm to meet you.

    And for the record, I have never seen her flaunt the labels of her clothing, verbally or otherwise.

  • gigi

    Ya’ll, I want to like her, I really do. I always thought her husband was nice, and I love Suze. However, I met her before the FN thing started, and when we were introduced, she wasn’t just snobby, but rude. Then she found out who my brother was, and it was a all sugar and cotton candy. I was embarrassed for her. So, Nate, DGirl- I have met her, and my personal experience with Lisa Garza left a taste in my mouth, like a bad beurre composes. So put that on your opinionated plate and eat it, just eat it.
    Anybody can write a check, especially for self promotion, but my true hero is the person who goes to the actual sites of people in need , and gets their hands dirty CONSISTANTLY(smile).

  • carlos

    LOl..poor Gigi it takes droping your brothers name to get people to like you? Nice that out of respect for your brother she decided to give you the benifit of the doubt because as rude as you are here I can believe you must make a great first impression.

  • Woody

    I’m sorry Gigi, I didn’t realize that Bubba was your brother. I have sooo much more respect for you now than I did before.

  • DGirl

    Well since she dropped it, we’re all mildly curious to know who gigi’s brother is.

  • maggies mom

    “Lisa Garza volunteered for kids that really need the attention: at a women’s shelter where girls don’t cry because they are pampered little darlings who dine at Suze, but cry because they just saw daddy put his fist through mommy’s face, or at the food”

    Not that it is any of your business Gigi. But you should really reserve jumping to conclusions. Four years ago I put Maggie and her sister in the back seat of my car and left an abusive marriage with nothing but the clothes we had on our back. Maggie was four and I remember her saying “Ids ok mommy twirley noodles are fun for any meal” when I served rammen noodels for the third time between paychecks. And I remember when all she wanted for christmas was “clothes with tags on them dat arent already in a family picture” So when someone like LIsa shares her personal story with my child and shows that everyone can have grace and beauty in their life no matter what they come from I embrace that. So Gigi please refrain from turning your hate and bitterness onto an innocent child. And thats all I have to say on the matter.

  • carlos

    gee Gigi hows that foot of yours taste?

  • Tina, Verizon TV

    That was really nice…I’m having goose bumps actually…It’s really nice to hear things like that. thanks for sharing.

  • Donate Car

    It sounds like you’re creating problems yourself by trying to solve this issue instead of looking at why their is a problem in the first place