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Making Dallas Even Better

September: Better Breakfast Month–Who Knew

Corporate conspiracy theories aside, I love to celebrate random special days and months. And September is full of them. Besides being National Biscuit, Chicken, Courtesy, Piano, Baby Safety, Classical Music, Honey, and Potato Month (of course not all together), September has many popular “days”. My favorites include Newspaper Carrier Day (4th), Elephant Day (23rd), and […]

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Troy Aikman Eats

Shocking development: Troy Aikman eats dinner at MiCocina in Highland Park Village. He was with, I guess, either two of his daughters or one with a friend. He was wearing a (very tight) t-shirt from Bruce Sprinsteen’s latest tour. Funny, the last time I saw Troy was at the Springsteen show in Dallas. BTW, the […]

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