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16 comments on “More Lisa Garza

  1. How long before you stop your tired endless shilling of this self-proclaimed idiot diva?
    C’mon Nancy, there wasn’t a whole lot going on upstairs before the show and now that it’s over, has a lot really changed?

    She lost and was sent home a loser. Earth to Romula “Its over now Lisa and it’s now time to go to your yogurt class or whatever idiot divas do”.

    Your 15 seconds of fame have way over expired.

  2. I say, more Garza! I want the Garza backlog and outtakes. I want the Garza basement tapes. I want the lost years of Garza. I want Garza fanfic (“Deep Space 69″) and pre-NFNS cooking pilots (“Dallas Amateur Sticky Buns #14″). I want Garza protest bumper stickers (“My Shih Tzu is Smarter than your Next Food Network Star”) and a tell-all memoir (“You Suze, You Lose”). I want promotional Garza candies and a line of lingerie (“Lisa’s Pieces” and “Garza’s Boudoirses”). I want D Magazine to declare every Thursday “National Next Food Network Star (Season Four) Also-Ran Appreciation Day.”

  3. did you hear that?! we haven’t heard the end of her!!

    love it! more lisa!! more more more!

  4. I enjoy the updates. Thanks Nancy! However, clearly the same person is posting over and over in your comment sections regarding Lisa under different names. I can’t imagine that there are too many people that would find all this lame Star Trek humor even remotely funny outside the walls of a “Trekkie” convention. You would think she actually won the show with all the bitterness. Or maybe all you Trekkies have telepathic powers or you lept through space and time into the future via your really sweet time traveling machine and you know that Lisa is not going away and maybe we will be be seeing her on tv in the the near future? Cool.

  5. SamIAm please don’t be so naive as to think all the Romulan and Star Trek posts could possibly be from just one person. Think you’ll find there are a few more of us than you think. Exactly how many? Let’s help you understand better with a little quote:

    And Jesus spake to the man before casting out his demons and said, “what is thy name?”
    And he answered saying, “My name is Legion: for we are many”.

  6. I have enjoyed watching Lisa and think quite highly of her. But I have to agree with the Trekkies. She has an usual look that invites strong opinions. She also is a food snob, not that there’s anything wrong with that…
    And most importantly, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Obviously, Lisa’s still in the kitchen.

  7. Thanks for posting that. I like Lisa and the scoop. For those who are upset about the continued (though surely soon to end anyway) coverage, a simple suggestion which will guarantee that you no longer have to hear about Lisa here ever again: don’t click on links that lead to stories about her. See? Simple!

  8. I am tired of Lisa and her second hand couture and poor manners. Do you suppose one of her “crafts” would be a homemade past of baking soda to remove sweat stains from her thrift shop couture? phony, phony, phoney. I would expect folks from Dallas to have better radar……..

  9. I clicked thinking I’d be pleasantly surprised, but more of the same snobbery. I believe she said somewhere along the line that she works with a lot of designers. I presume that’s where she learned “attitude?” If she could have left the attitude at home, she probably would have won NFNS.

  10. MORE!!! I want a daily Lisa show. She is the best. Thank you for giving me more LIsa clips. Mom is sick of me playing the Tvoed NFNS episodes over and over again. Anyone who thinks Lisa is a snob must have somesort of mental block against nice things and just does not listen to her. How many people have to say “thats not how I meant that” in your life? I am betting you guys who see her as snobby and have bad things to say about her hear that a lot. Lisa could say the grass is a pretty shade of green and you guys would say ” how snobby of her we all know it is just yellow and blue” Geeze! and people think I need to grow up?
    love and respect

  11. How many people have to say “thats not how I meant that”? Well girl of the world maybe you’re correct, lots of people have stated that what they say is not what they really meant.
    Take Charlie Manson for example, he says he never meant anything of the sort and this leads us to a point, the name of Lisas new imaginary NFNS show called “That’s Not How I Really Meant That” starring Miss Lisa blah blah. Cool huh?

    Also, you never said what world you are from girl of the world. Could it start with an R and end with an a and rhyme with formula?
    Sorry, I didn’t mean to say that.

  12. Dear Squintywatch,
    I did not understand very much of your post. Ill ask mom to explain it to me later but I am thinking it did not sound very nice so she will probally tell me to “let it go” I do know that a lot of times people understand things around them not as they are but as they are so when someone sees something ugly in every cloud perhaps it isn’t the skys fault.
    love and respect

  13. Girl of the World, don’t worry about anything. We’re cool.
    Maybe one day you’ll understand that you’ve done nothing wrong except get caught up in an intergalactic battle between this planet and Romula. This battle is of epic proportions and is between us and a certain squinty-eyed tool of the Romulans.
    You’re just an innocent bystander. Love and respect to you Maggie.