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The Next Food Network Star Finale Smashes Records For Food Network

Just when I get to point where nothing ceases to amaze me, something amazes me. Like the “breaking news” from the Food Network claiming the Next Food Network Star finale on Sunday was the highest-rated, most-watched telecast in Food Network history. Apparently 4 million viewers, a 27 percent increase over the season three finale, watched Big Daddy take the cake. The series was watched by 15.0 million adults. What can I say? Speechless.

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4 comments on “The Next Food Network Star Finale Smashes Records For Food Network

  1. Golly I wonder what they are going to think when only 15 people watch the “Big Daddy’s House” series.

    I mean, I bet around 1/2 to 2/3 of that share has to be the Dallas Market that watched TNFNWS.

  2. Based on the way this whole fiasco unfolded, I doubt very highly anything I hear from The Food Network. In fact, I’d assume they’re lying or otherwise doing something underhanded at this point.

    I wish I had known they’d blown the decision and picked Aaron when they’d blown it and put up the news on the website. I would have saved myself an extra hour and could have been watching my recorded but unwatched episodes of “A Cook’s Tour” or “No Reservations” (ie shows that actually merit watching).

    I can’t wait until next year when Food Network claims Aaron’s show got 2.5 million viewers.

    The show “How’d That Get on My Plate?” should refer to what comes out the ass-end of a bull, not food.


  3. Some being so mean or critical of the Foodnetwork. Why can’t they just not watch a show intead of spreading meaness when they don’t get what or who they want? I am happy for Aaron and I feel quite confident inbetween all those that already had tasted and loved his foods from his restaurants, as well as his friends and family that would make up much more than 15 lol. And evidently many don’t know Aaron came in first place on the Foodnetwork poll out of the three remaining contestants. Don’t be such sore losers. Not everyone could get their favorite to win and not everyone is going to like the same show regardless of what show it is and regardless of what network it’s on.

  4. Country:

    It’s not a matter of sore losers — I think, universally, most if not all of us who have been complaining are not critical per se of Aaron. He’s a nice guy and I doubt anyone is disappointed knowing how much this opportunity will mean to he and his family.

    It’s just that if a reality show is going to the trouble of establishing rules and purport to have integrity and high standards, it should follow through and actually maintain that integrity and those standards. As nice a guy as Aaron is, it’s pretty obvious the entire thing was a sham. I’m happy for Aaron, just as I felt badly Adam didn’t win, but it’s pretty clear what happened. The network wanted Aaron to have a show so they did what they had to do. I can’t fault them for choosing who they wanted for their line-up, but if nothing else they showed the show and the process has no integrity.

    Incidentally, you can believe the results of that poll on the Food Network site, but judging by the universal scorn and disbelief the finale ushered in, I find it very hard to believe he won that poll. In fact, after this sham, I figure they announced Aaron was the fan favorite in the hope that people would “back the winner.”

    Unfortunately, it seems that many seemingly backed the person who should have won.

    Have fun being one of the “much more than 15.”