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Mike Modano and Brett Hull Ready for the Restaurant Business?

I big birdie with “commercial real estate” printed below his name on his business cards says that Eddie Cervantes, former owner of Primos, is teaming up with Brett Hull and Mike Modano to open an establishment in the recently vacated Riccardi’s space at the Quadrangle. Word is the working name is “Brett and Mo’s”?

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21 comments on “Mike Modano and Brett Hull Ready for the Restaurant Business?

  1. Coffee just kicked in, so time for a mind dump…

    The Biscuit Basket
    Kitchen 1999
    Cafe Obstruction
    The Neutral Zone
    America’s Next Top Shelf
    Five Holes
    Fear Wings

    [and scene]

  2. Hully,
    I’m counting on you to make this Norman’s South. Oh, and please hire Laurie to bartend (hands off).

  3. How about an asian/fusion sports bar concept named Mo Phucks. Can also describe the future clientele.

  4. As much as Modano eats at Bob’s, I’ll bet it’s going to be a steakhouse.

  5. If it were a gay bar they could name it “A Hull in the Crease” (again)

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist on a few levels.

  6. Brett hull used to own a restaurant in St louis called the “Brett Hull bar and Grill” was in Union Station….wonder if they will try to ressurect that concept…if so I hope they do better with the food this time around. :)

  7. St. Louis is also home of the “Trainwreck Saloon”. Wouldn’t that be a fitting name for a Dallas d-bag hangout!

  8. I understand it is a “fancy” sports bar, it was original supposed to open this summer

  9. No, JB, if it were a gay bar they would call it Brett & Mo’s.

    (seriously, have they run that name by the consultant?)

  10. @ DTD
    Yea your right. People would just start calling it “A-Hull’s” for short which doesn’t sound good either.

  11. Just off the top of my head:
    The Restaurant At The Quadrangle (kind of a play on the Ballpark in Arlington)

  12. Hey Dallasite, do you know why it didn’t open this summer yet? Are they still doing work on it to make it fancy? We have a site for all athlete restaurants and I’d like to update it. Thanks! :-)

  13. matt, last I heard it was scheduled to open late september. Eddie is probably more knowledgable, and a nice enough guy to ask if you see him at Primo’s.
    I also heard that the menu is fancy “comfort” food to hit the sports bar theme. And the name…”hully and mo’s”