Underground Dinners Are Hot

If someone is Dallas is doing this, please invite me. Illegal underground dinners held in private homes, organized by chefs or restaurants, and operated for under-the-table money are the rage. Yow. Zah. Think of it as a dinner party with great food and wine for way less money than you’d pay in a restaurant. And you like everybody in the restaurant! If it sounds like off-the-books catering, it is, but “secret underground dinner” sounds so much sexier. I bet TABC is buying camouflage outfits as I write. (Tip of the toque to Gastronome for the link.)

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6 comments on “Underground Dinners Are Hot

  1. i do this all the time, i just don’t charge people or for that matter, invite them. it’s very exclusive as i’m the only diner. let me tell you, it’s hard to match that intimacy, and you really get to know the chef’s intent and creativity.

  2. There is a local underground cheese club that gets together to enjoy “contraband” cheeses (i.e., raw milk, aged less than 60 days).

  3. I once hosted a similar dinner at my house once, with a lot of “smuggled” jamon and various other cured meats and sausage from Spain…thanks to a former employer’s travels. It turned into a Spanish and Italian event, since we were cranking out Neapolitan-style pizzas, seafood risotto with paella influences, etc., all of which had some of those contraband meats as an ingredient. Since we were wine distributors/importers, we had plenty of great Spanish and Italian wines to crack into.

    Fun, crazy night with only broken wine glass. I may have to do something similar again. Just with legal products.

  4. I saw this was all the craze in Portland on an episode of “No Reservations” and thought, “man I wish someone was doing this in Dallas.” I guess someone is.

  5. Yes, Suburban Iron Chef lives and breathes in Dallas. Mrs. Kelly Cleaver developed this idea of creating this competition, a buffet for 10 people in 2 hours for $100. There are 5 judges, 2 runners and 1 referee. Kelly was tired of her friends says “I don’t have the time to entertain,” or “I don’t have the money to throw a party.” Suburban Iron Chef was born and we’ve just had our 11th competition. It’s held in private homes and all well videotaped and produced for posterity! Email me for more information – to be a judge, offer a kitchen or just check us out. We’re really fun!!