Next Food Network Star Web Blunder: A Random Thought

I’ve just had time to read all the comments from FNGate, and I had a thought. I know it’s late on Friday afternoon and everybody else is at The Monk, but I’m still working. Anywhoo, When the contestants signed on to participate on the Next Food Network Star, they had to sign some pretty tough confidentially agreements to ensure a surprise ending to the series. If any one of them had too many margaritas and blown the story line, they could have been liable for actual damages and/or the damages set forth in the confidentially agreement. I heard from a reliable source, that if they blabbed, it would cost ‘em a $1million.

So, riddle me this Batfans, what do the producers of the show owe to the contestants when they blow the deal. OK, Aaron’s set, he’s got a new TV show. But what if Adam had been in negotiations with a group of investors that wanted to resurrect The Smoking Joint (his failed restaurant)? What if Lisa was just getting ready to sign a $10 million contract to play Dr. Spock’s long-lost love child in Star Trek: The Trouble With Baked Tribbles? What if they lost those deals? It could happen. Any legal minds out there care to help me here? It’s going to be a long weekend. Cook long and gossip.

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9 comments on “Next Food Network Star Web Blunder: A Random Thought

  1. I feel confident that those confidentiality agreements are slanted way more towards the show. It would be up to the contestants to have their counsel review the agreements and negotiate terms before they signed. I bet they didn’t.

  2. OK you legal beagles, do you think the contestants still have to keep mum now that the Food Network has blown the ending?

  3. Consider that (I heard) the FN locks in the top contestants to a multi-year “right of refusal”/management contract, which basically gives them a cut of whatever the contestant makes (besides being able to limit their outside ventures).

    Would this boo-boo (if in fact it is – my husband believes that this was “produced” by the FN to drive ratings higher), allow a winning contestant to walk away from those limitations?

  4. Ok I’m a foodie and and attorney so this contract issue is a fun one for me – (aside from the fact that I feel very strongly that Aaron should have been sent home last time, Lisa has the most cuinary talent, but Adam is the ony on fit to entertain on a network and therefore should have won) – I think the Network knows full well that each contestant is over a barrel and will sign just about anything, and so they are able to “coerce” without actually forcing them to sign these pre-show agreements,and meanwhile the Network no doubt has brilliant attorneys on its staff who craft the agreements in such a way that the Network cannot lose no matter what. Well, news flash. This time they lost big time. First, by picking Aaron. Second, by leaking the infomation and ruining the last episode. Thirdly, by losing their credibility. Still, people will try out for next year’s show and will be fooled into the same types of agreements, because they so desperately want a show. Me, personally, I would love a show on the Network, and could probably carry one off with what I am capable of in the kitchen, but I opted for a more secure career path in law. Maybe I can write their contracts instead haha. Hey Adam and Lisa, if you ever need an attorney…

  5. I am completely overwhelmed by all the posts adn dont feel like sifting thru all of them to see if this has been answered. From the youtube video it had a link for Lisa’s pilot show…what up with that.

  6. Cobra I think that refers to the video she shot for the pilot. Like a tryout. That’s just a guess.

  7. I pretty much agree with Jac Esq’s remarks about the abilities and/or talents of the final contestants. Am I missing something? I wondered at the time that they allowed all three contestants to proceed to the final segment, instead of dropping Aaron, why they did. I though it was obvious that the judges did not like his food and did not think his camera presence was good, and, yet, they thought he deserved another chance? Could it have been that the decision had already been made, long before that show, and Aaron’s show was already in the can? Too much (money) already invested? This destroys any credibility FNC had, in my opinion. I would really miss watching Giada DeLaurentis, The Barefoot Contessa and the Napa Valley Chef, but I may never watch the channel again.

  8. Since I can only speak from season 2 onward – the public got to pick the next Food Network star the last 2 years. Why did they change and tape it ahead and the results not known? I think so they could have the show ready for August sweeps – lol. The confidentiality agreements they have to sign to appear on those shows is immense – Elisabeth Hasselback spoke of her Survivor contract. Her mom, an attorney, did not want her to sign it because of all the rigid and punitive language if she spoke about the show. Of course, these reality shows get people who want to be “famous”, even if it’s only 15 minutes. I always liked Kelsey the best; she was polished and adorable. I saw her cooking show on you tube – very good on-camera presence. I wish good things to everyone involved.