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How to Order Your Sambatini

Last night was our annual Best of Big D party, which, this year, was a dressed-up affair held at the Dallas Galleria in a space sandwiched between Grill on the Alley and SushiSamba. Pre-party festivities included drinks with Eric and Stephanie at SushiSamba’s bar, where we were able to take advantage of the restaurant’s happy hour specials. I ordered the Sambatini (for just $5), made from juices, muddled citrus fruit, and Bacardi rum. Steph ordered hers with citron vodka instead of rum, which was an improvement over my version. SushiSamba also offers $5 beer and well drinks, $5 samba rolls, and $5 appetizers (hello, green bean tempura) during its 5 to 7 p.m. happy hour. Bottoms up.

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One comment on “How to Order Your Sambatini

  1. How to Order Your Sambatini – Updated Dallas Instructions :)

    1) Get on plane;
    2) Fly to NY or Miami;
    3) Take cab to SushiSamba location not $147K behind on rent and now closed;
    4) Wait 45 minutes to be noticed by bartender;
    5) Order Sambatini;
    6) Pay over twice as much for the same drink;
    7) Realize it wasn’t worth it in the first place;
    8) Go home disappointed…..

    All joking aside, I really liked SushiSamba and think they would have succeeded in a much better location, like Victory Park.