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Next Food Network Star 2008 Winner Revealed on Show’s Website Before Final Episode

A SideDish reader just left an interesting comment on a post that led me to check out the tip on the Next Food Network Star 2008 website. The claim? The site has already revealed the winner of the show that doesn’t air until Sunday night at 9:00PM. In case you’ve already paid the caterer for your Lisa-Adam-Aaron watching party or you are really into the show, I am not going to tell you who wins, but I am truly astounded by the fact that they have posted the “Exit Interviews” for the two “losers” and the “Winning Moment” clip for the winner 3 days before the show airs. What is the point of the show?

If you don’t care what happens Sunday, you can, at least at 11:14pm on Thursday night you could, find out the results by clicking on the Next Food Network Star website and listen to Lisa’s interview on the right of the page. IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW THE OUTCOME, go back to sleep or Law & Order or whatever you were doing and pretend this is all a bad TV dream. Just freakin’ unbelievable. Crazy, Flip City, inmates-run-the-asylum kind of stuff. I’m making a video of the interviews in case they call foul. (Note to self: get Stephanie March on the case.) That sound.

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  • SUE


  • Cheezemaster

    I thought the show started well and ended disastrous. Lisa was well deserving of being a finalist and perhaps even winning. I think Kelsey should have made it to the finals as well, I agreed that she might have mentioned culinary school a bit too much but she was warm and charming. I also enjoyed Shane and think that he should have been a good finalist. Aaron should have been eliminated since the beginning. I found his character to be like Nipa’s only less snobbish. Aaron perhaps presented well after some coaching and direction but for the most part had no idea what he was doing and would struggle if he was thrown in an Iron Chef competition for example. This show seemed a bit unfair considering that Aaron was almost untouchable and always under Bobby Flay’s wing. Best of luck to all the contestants and the winner of course. I will say that FN has gone down in my book. A lot of bad shows with the exception of a few good ones here and there. I mean who really cares about a married couple who can cook and tour the country looking for other eats? Certainly can’t stand Paula Dean. That’s just my opinion. My respects to all those who do like these shows!!

  • Jimmy



  • joelq

    I can’t believe all the comments of “[FN] just lost a viewer”, or “…I won’t be watching it after this Sunday”, etc. C’mon guys – it’s just TV. Get a life.

  • RayRay74

    There was something I forgot to add. It pains me to see that people think that Aaron was an “affirmative action” win. I also have no idea why people just assume he’s going to just be cooking soul food?? That’s just like when people talk about the Neely’s. If you think the Neely’s cook just soul food, then you clearly don’t watch the show. Aaron’s promo wasn’t soul food either. If you think that it was soul food, then you clearly don’t know what soul food is either. I for one am glad that he won. It’s obvious that shows like The Neely’s, Pauls Deen, and other shows are working or they wouldn’t still be on. These shows work because they use simple everyday ingredients that regular working 9 to 5 people with familes can find and meals that the whole family would enjoy. This is 2008 and people don’t have time during the week to spend untold hours in the kitchen making over the top meals unless you’re a homemaker. This is just my opinion, if people can’t stand foodnetwork, then turn the channel.


    Oh RAYRAY…you havent got a clue! Like ‘Chris’ said the FN has gone straight to demographics and marketing and they have lost focus on top talent! Aaron, poor thing, he couldnt speak right, he broke a sweat everytime he was on camera…and once again he made fun of people w/ eating disorders. Something is wrong with him…I actually felt kinda bad for him, how could anyone think that was going to be funny??? he probably offended atleast a few people in the room!

  • Fatladysings

    It has been a while but I am like an old penny…I keep showing up.

    I noticed now there is something else to pick at regarding Aaron and the comment about eating disorder. We all have said something that can be considered inappropriate.

    Lisa made the comment …..Treating the Mac & Cheese dish like a stepchild. Do you know how many children have been abused by Step-parents? Those of us reared by step- parents/adopted parents have experience some things and that comment was inappropriate.

    Give it a rest…AARON WON …it not going to change…Even though the show was aired Sunday, the competition has been over for a while and I am sure Lisa has moved on….I know Aaron has.

    This is my last point: With all the second guessing of the FN’s winner; I am sure they will work very hard to prove everyone wrong. GO AARON…

  • bob jones

    fuk that niggaaa!!!!

  • PicBuddy

    Aaron’s new show now has a trailer on Food Network. We are looking forward to his show!

  • PicBuddy

    And of course the voice over is the McNeeley lady. Draw your own conclusions…..

  • trish

    I won’t dignify the bob jones comment, and would hope it is quickly stricken from this record; however, I will say that the comments from the Louisiana lady in defense of Aaron went too far in evoking the hooded sheets of a difficult time in our nation’s history. Right now, as we have a first-time, African American candidation trying to bring us all together, it is comments like these that make many folks not want to join together in trying to bring salvation to this country. Many of us are striving to move beyond the race relations of the past, but there are many on both sides of the issue who continually refuse to look at both Black and White Americans as just that — Americans. On every FN blog I have seen, there has been an attempt by someone to not appreciate the fact that all of the contestants were cruelly criticized from the get-go, and Aaron is no exception. I, for one, are tired of BOTH sets of folks — those who criticize Aaron’s detractors for being racist, and those who overly criticize him. Let’s remember that these contestants are all human beings, worth at least a bit of dignity, but everyone should be allowed to voice their opinion without a nagging undercurrent of suspicion of racism. Let’s leave racist undertones out of it, for the good of us all.

  • trish

    correction, please —

    I, for one, am tired of BOTH sets of folks — those who criticize Aaron’s detractors for being racist, and those who overly criticize him. Let’s remember that these contestants are all human beings, worth at least a bit of dignity, but everyone should be allowed to voice their opinion without a nagging undercurrent of suspicion of racism. Let’s leave racist undertones out of it, for the good of us all.

  • mamoobarbie

    If the nfns episodes were filmed, then more than likely,someone clicked the wrong key and sent an episode, out of sequence. Some poor worker will get the boot for that mistake, because someone has to be at fault. Low man on the totem pole gets the boot.
    Why is everyone taking sides and so out of sorts with Aaron,Lisa or Adam, and why the F word. I hope the internet security for this webside will bring that one in for questioning and he will be severly punished for his foul language and lack of self control.

  • alissa

    My family has watched this whole series – it was so clear that it was intentionally steered toward a particular winner – nothing against aaron – I just never heard the guy put together a full sentence that made sense to me – buena fortuna to him and HOPE lisa has much more great successes ahead of her – i never saw the repellent up tightness everyone talks of – she was delightful to me and i learned a lot from her – she was tops and i hope she soars higher than any food network tool ——– for christ sake – GUY does flipping apple bees commercials! puke

  • CokeTheVan

    I have to wonder just how many of the demographic who will be able to understand what he is saying even has cable out there in the bayou

  • Lori

    alissa–i know–when I saw Guy do the applebees commercials I thougth, I can’t believe the FN would “let” him do that. total disconnect.

  • Adam

    I share your opinion alissa, Lisa didn’t seem unapproachable or bother me at all either. I also noticed alot of criticisms towards her are purely superficial. Anyways, she should have won imo, Adam I could see winning too. Big Daddy on the other hand needs to go home and find his son.. or at least take some speaking lessons. And the way FN rigged this so called competition just leaves a sour taste in my mouth. What an insult to our intelligence. I’m sure everything will work out for the best though. Lisa and Adam will definitely move on and make something of themselves. Big Daddy will have his 15 minutes or (probably) less. And this whole experience will help me to expand my programming to other stations besides FN

  • Jennie

    “Who will not be be the next food network star?

    Lisa -Ina Garten new series on Food Network –beginning in October, 2008 – will also be titled Barefoot Contessa – Back to Basics.

    Adam -Aida Mollenkamp will prepare delicious dishes while providing answers to questions submitted by Food Network viewers (by internet) in her new interactive cooking show, Ask Aida.”

    Ina’s been on TV for at least 6 years. One of her specialties is French food made simple. Isn’t that what Lisa was trying to sell? If you’re going to pitch a show to a network, it’s probably wise to pick someting they don’t already have. (Not that it matters on the FN; they recycle the same ideas over and over)…

    I’ve actually seen Aida on TV in a show similar to this as far back as May, I think. Maybe it was a limited run to see if there was enough interest for it to be picked up for a full season? It’s hard to say which came first unless someone knows when the NFNS shows were taped. Aida is the editor of the food website — If I remember the episode where Adam pitched his show correctly, it seemed to me that Gordon Elliot fed the show style to Adam, not that Adam came up with it on his own.

    Is it true that Bobbie Flay is part owner of the FN? If so, no wonder Adam, the grillmeister didn’t get anywhere. Bobbie Flay doesn’t seem like the sort of person who likes any real competition….

  • Fatladysings


    Being the caring person you are..Aaron’s son is back and was at the viewing party with his family.

    Just make sure you know where your child/children are and what they are doing before celebrating the pain of another parent.

  • Fatladysings

    PS. Some of you… your nighmare has come true….Aaron will appear on the neelys show tomorrow morning and will be repeated Sunday.

    We down here in the Bayou will be jumping.
    “Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez”

  • Lori

    fls…plz stop thinking the world is against aaron. i’m glad you’re happy but stop with the implications and digs. just be happy and not so angry.

  • fatladysings


    I am not angry. I am addressing other blogers like you and everyone else.

    Just because you don’t like what I said doest not mean I an unhappy and angry,

    I have lived on this earth more than 55 years. It is going to take more than a reality show to angry me.

  • aaronsisnotgood

    Aaaron seems like a nice guy, but it is rather obvious that he probably should have been eliminated in the first round. If the Food Network was looking to target a certain demographic, the other black contestant was much more camera ready. Furthermore, why diversify through another black chef? Why not a Chinese chef, an Indian chef, a Thai chef, a Turkish chef, a German chef, etc., etc., etc.? Even so, if the Food Network did want to target the black demographic, a reality show is not the way to make it happen as it is unfair to the other contestants. Clearly, this contest was rigged.

    Fat Lady Sings, as a black male, your condascending, racist tone is highly offensive. Neither Aaron nor the black commnunity needs your ill-advised, insulting protection.

  • fatladysings


    Please, you don’t know me. First you are not black so stop pertending. You never watched the show did you? You are just somebody wanting to get in on this board and hide behind a keyboard.

    Aaron won the first challenges, He and his group won the next challenge, and it was the third challenge that Martha Stewart said his product was the most marketable. He went on to wen two or three more challenges.

    Do’nt tell me what the black community needs. I have been a productive part of my community for years. I am the product of a HBU so I was taught to speak my mind.

    “your ill-advised, insulting protection.” What?????

  • aaronsisnotgood


    Unfortunately, your productivity does not extend to proper grammar usage. When “speaking your mind,” please learn to spell and correctly use apostrophes. Otherwise, you will simply continue to wallow in your own stupidity. It is people like you who hinder the progress of Booker T. Washington, Dr. King, and Barack Obama. You are an embarrasment not only yourself but to the black community as a whole. HBU should be ashamed to have granted you a degree.

    Furtermore, I am not ‘pertending.’ I am half black, half Native American.

    Back on topic, my favorite of the three was Lisa.

  • fatladysings

    aaronsisnotgood ,

    Did you go to early service? I did so I am just going to say: have a great day.

    Pertend to be the half Native American side. You missed the mark on the black side.

  • Miss Spicy

    I just saw Down Home with the Neely’s. Aaron was cooking with them ya’ll! I can’t believe FTN did that. Oh ya, lump all the blacks in together complete with fist bumps. I guess they wanted to show a little foreplay before Aaron’s show. Can you say menage a trois?

  • BoogieNYC

    My girlfriend mentioned today was Aaron’s debut so I wandered over to TFN while I was doing a half-dozen other things and noticed Aaron was on with the Neelys. I think I managed about 20 seconds of the Aaron/Neelys combo (I switched channels when I heard Ms. Neely saying how nice a guy Aaron is) and then switched back just as Aaron’s show was starting, at exactly 1:30 and about eight seconds.

    I was finished watching Aaron at exactly 1:30 and about forty-one seconds.

    I think the Food Network should have a show where Guy Fieri, the Neelys, Sunny and Aaron all cook at once. Aaron can keep yelling “Whooooo!” in the background while Guy, in the foreground, looks at the camera and says “That’s money, bro!” Sunny can chortle simultaneously and ask “How’d that get on MY plate?” And the Neelys can grope each other’s potatoes on-camera.

    That’s entertainment, yo.


    PS Props to Lightbulb for an observation from July 25th: “Sweet. More Coke the Van.”


  • JonD

    I too am highly dissappointed by what appears as blatent tampering with the program. Several weeks ago my wife and I noticed how Aaron was getting extra attention and coaching and how the blog from the judge seemed more than a little skewed. It was then that we called the winner based on the bias up until that point and sure enough when they changed the rules on the next to the last episode it was clear to me why. Does anyone else think the new show “Ask Aida” is anything like “Ask Adam” – aka Hungry in Philidelphia?

  • JonD

    Oh and let me point out that when the final episode aired and the contestants were figuring out their shows Aaron was the least prepared and was “fed” his show title etc.

  • fatladysings

    Well I know most of you will be happy to here this. I somewhat have had a change of mind since the show aired. I thought Aaron could of done a better job, and actually I was rather disappointed with his appearence on the ‘Nelly’s’.

  • fatladysings

    I just happen to come back to the board to see what was going on. I guest some of you will go to any levels to make yourself feel good. The above fatladysings post is not the feel fat lady. I have not posted since the end of July.

    I am very happy with Aaron’s appearance not only on the Neelys but on CBS and his own show. Check this out.

    Aaron McCargo Jr’s Blog: Big Daddy’s House Scores Big Daddy Ratings.

    Please post using your own name(s). Now I will retire this name so anything posted under this name is from a pretender.

  • Andre

    I’m glad Aaron McCargo won the Food Network challenge to become its next star. I believe The Food Network was looking to expand its audience by attracting its usual viewers, but also the all-important minority audience. Aaron fit the bill perfectly. He was talented and his personality shined.

    In my opinion, the network didn’t really need Adam or Lisa, both offered the same things the network already had.

    Adam is quirky and funny, but so is Guy Fieri and Ted Allen. And Lisa’s Beautiful Basics was just another variation of other shows with female hosts already on the network.

    The network needed Aaron, a black male to kind of contrast with G. Garvin, who is on TVOne and the top black, male celebrity chef in the business.

  • alex farguson

    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.