Spoiler Alert: The Next Food Network Star Will Not Be Jen

Good morning, Dishers. Check out that hot chick to the left. She is not just a hot chick, she is well-respected chef, Cat Cora, the first woman to win Iron–beat, beat, beat-Chef. I bring her up this morning because she was the celebrity judge on The Next Food Network Star last night. I’m not going to get into a blow-by-blow account of last nights show–all I have to say is this: goodbye and goodluck, Jen. One exit question, please. Whatever possessed you to slam a glass bottle of juice against the stove? That could be the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen on TV. You say, “Life is just a big book and I’m going to start a new chapter.” Here is my advice: Buy Joy of Cooking (interesting link) and read the first hundred pages.

But back to TV reality: Kudos to Lisa for bucking up to Jen’s screwup and staying calm. I have to say, episode 5 was the most boring of all. Aaron “Coke the Van” has no chance of becoming a TV personality, he can’t even talk. In my book it’s down to Lisa and Kelsey. And I give the nod to Lisa because when/if she wins, she can dress like Cat and look hot and maybe someone will watch the Food Network. (BTW, do Iron Chefs really buy this?)

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8 comments on “Spoiler Alert: The Next Food Network Star Will Not Be Jen

  1. Ok, can someone please tell me what Jen was trying to accomplish by slamming the glass on the stove…i was reeeeally confused by that. Am i missing something?

  2. ..I’m starting to get reallllly annoyed by Adam. I liked his silly at first..now..he’s just ANNOYING. and yeah…kudos to Lisa for her performance….it’s definitely between her and Kelsey….i had high hopes for Shane….but now.. just don’t see it.

  3. I don’t mean to nitpick, but it isn’t a spoiler “alert” when the spoiler is in the headline. It’s just a spoiler. I guess I need to start watching live TV again.

  4. yes watch live TV. I’m not doing anymore spoiler alerts. I’m reporting. Sorry, I’m crabby today.

  5. When the lid a jar like the one she broke is really tight and hard to turn, *tapping* the lid on the counter can help to shift the cap and loosen it a bit so that it is easier to turn.

    Usually it works, but sometimes it doesn’t…I’m guessing that she had the mother of all tight lids there and didn’t think to use the hot water method…

  6. Kudos Lisa! Yup, agree that it is between her and Kelsey. I really thought Aaron’s personality would jump in soon, but I guess not. And Shane…feel pretty evil saying this…but did you notice in the first challenge (he won) that he was cross-eyed when he decribed the dish? I looked at it twice to make sure!!!

  7. The woman pictured is clearly capable of choosing good melons.

  8. Damn, Dawg! Ya’ll got me straight trippin! I got two words for ya: PHOTO-SHOP !!!