Another Restaurant Bites It

Teresa Gubbins reports that Grotto is now closed. I love this quote from her story: “I think it’s just not good to be an Italian restaurant in Dallas,” said a spokesman at the restaurant.”

To which I might add, it’s just not good to be an average restaurant anywhere–especially in the high-rent district. Taking bets on what goes in. Mine?

UPDATE: An in-the-know real estate type just called to say that there is a three way going on for the Grotto space. Somebody isn’t hurting. It’s a pricey deal.

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22 comments on “Another Restaurant Bites It

  1. I’ll bet that Potbelly’s owners decide to bring in the new concept they’ve been engineering for Texas mainly: Beerbelly’s.

  2. I’m with Nichols on this one. Grotto was to fine food and upscale dining what American Idol is to PBS. Every ‘special’ I ever ate there tasted like the last one. I remember telling my friend when we were settiling the bill, “I now know how it would feel to hear original poetry by Tara Reed.”

  3. While the spokesperson fell back on the tired “not good to be an Italian Restaurant in Dallas”, the following quote is more germain:
    “The restaurant, a Dallas outpost of a Houston-based chain that was owned by Landry’s,…”

    Expensive chains come here to die, other than Morton’s. The best example I can give for the false nature of the quote is just down McKinney-Arcodoro & Pomodoro, going strong after 20 years. Bice, Grotto, Il Mulino all have one thing in common, along with having failed in this market-they were interlopers.

    Allessio’s closed because of a boneheaded decision to re-do that corner of Knox Street, a decision those of us on the other side of the Katy Trail are all unhappy with!

  4. OW: are you sure you know where Alessio’s was? I think you are thinking of Adelmo’s instead.

  5. I heard that Starbucks couldn’t open in that strip because The Grotto was blocking it–true story? If so, bring a Starbucks there, please! The one at the Crescent is hard to get to and the other one on McKinney has no parking.

  6. Another Starbucks, you gotta be kidding right. Yet another corporate chain. Try a just opened local coffehouse that just opened on Routh behind Studio 2600.

  7. Hey, that Crooked Tree looks very cool! Hadn’t heard of it, but will give it a try. Thanks for the link. I love the large, indie coffee houses in Austin. I would think that an Uptown spot, if done right, would go over very well.

  8. Grotto was not even mediocre. I did like Bice, however. Why does every restaurant that goes into that part of the Crescent complex fail? Truluck’s manages to do ok right across the street — is it the lack of easy in/out access that kills everything in that spot?

  9. What about the new restaurant that WAS Johnny Orleans? Then it was Cape for a minute. Now some guys have come in and diddled with it, making water features, outdoor fire features, bricked the whole building, painted, new flooring, fenced the whole lot and they disappeared. It’s to be Italian!!! Was opening 1st week of June, Hum. Any info???

  10. I can’t believe Grotto closed. We went there Saturday night after the symphony.

  11. Grotto was nothing like the Houston original. This food was baaaaaaad and expensive.

    Re: The Crescent . . .that’s tough real estate and high rent. Maybe Snuffer’s should move there. That’s the only restaurant I know of that can be successful in a compromised location.

  12. Wow…thrilling…if there’s one thing we need in the uptown/downtown corridor it’s a prime steak house. Not so sure even Morton’s will make it with Bob, Al, Nick, Sam and Perry right down the street. I think they should put in a Lil’ Gym. Based on our monthly bill, those places are recession proof!

  13. And based on our 1 and only visit to Grotto where the waitress couldn’t seem to understand there should actually be truffles in truffle studded risotto, I’m not surprised or sad they’re gone. I-45 South guys….

  14. My theory on Italian food is this: There are more Italian restaurants than Starbuck’s. They’re everywhere, and even a hole in the wall Italian restaurant can have very good food.

    Upscale Italian is like upscale Texmex. It’s just silly.

    Il Mulino