Alessio’s Restaurant Closes

Dang. I hate it when good restaurants go down: Last night was Alessio’s final night. In an e-mail to his customers owner Alessio Franceschetti says, “Until we meet again.” Let’s all hope that is sooner than later.

UPDATE: Scene Restaurant has also shuttered. Thanks,TG.

And BTW, why do restaurant websites have such revolting music? Listen to Scene’s and tell me I’m wrong. It makes me want to go out and buy a Yanni CD.

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2 comments on “Alessio’s Restaurant Closes

  1. It’d be great to see Alessio reopen in a more exposed neighborhood, like Uptown or the Park Cities. Maybe he’ll go back to the Loon, where I can get his pastas again for lunch.

  2. As we are some of Alessio’s biggest fans!!!!
    We will follow wherever he goes. He is a great asset to the Dallas Restaurant Scene.