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Two of My Five Perfect Nieces Heart Mi Cocina

My 16-going-on-40-year old niece Taylor (left) grew up eating queso at Mi Cocina in Preston Forest. When she was 18 months old she would see the water tower behind the shopping center and mumble, “Mi Cocina!” If we didn’t stop, she’d get upset. Same story for 8-year old Hannah (right). Talk about branding a taste profile–last night Mi Cocina, as usual, was full of little rugrats having their palate implanted with Mico’s Tex-Mex while their parents sipped deceptively strong Mambo Taxis. I have been going to that location since it opened and I have to admit that despite the expansion, additions, and competition that has come and gone, it’s comforting to find recognizable faces still working the floor. I’m sure you have family favs and I’d love to know them.(Are they just the cutest?)

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11 comments on “Two of My Five Perfect Nieces Heart Mi Cocina

  1. Mattito’s any day, any way. Mico’s food is increasingly overpriced, boring/same-old, homogenized and no longer inventive. It is perfect for 8 yrs and those who escort them.

  2. I agree about Mi Cocina. I prefer the original – Mia’s. (I also refer to Mi Cocina’s as homogenized Tex Mex – a sign of a “real tex mex” is refried beans made with lard… Mi Cocina’s are unedible!)

  3. Nope, I’m with you, Nancy. I love a mambo taxi and just about anything else at Mi Cocina.

    Move away like I did and you’ll fondly crave it.

  4. NN, I’m curious. What does Taylor’s shirt say? “Don’t use weeze?”


    They are precious, BTW.

  5. It says Don’t Use Cheeze as in heroin, certainly not the cheddar melted inside the enchiladas.

  6. Funny how you ask for family favorites & get Mi Cocina critics instead… We really like Sicilliano’s A Taste of Italy in Garland for family dining.

  7. Asian Mint, Forest at Central. I have not yet visited their new location South. Don’t miss the sticky rice with mango, my daughter gets it as her entree.

  8. Mico is such a nasty man – it ruined the micocina thing for me – well – and all the screaming kids inside

  9. Ashley, you got critics because many of us, obviously interested enough in dining that we read and comment on this blog, have strong opinions about what Mi Cocina has become.

    It is a stretch to say I’d rather go to McDonalds than to Mi Cocina, but not a big one.

  10. Mia’s, Manny’s and Casa Blanca – all Mico’s family and wwwaaaayyyy better!! Mico has sold his soul to the Miller Family!!!!