Can Somebody Help This Snack Freak

A couple of weeks ago you were all so kind to help a junk food junkie find a fix. Today comes another request

I know this is not fancy food, or restaurant food, but it is a local company! My friend picked up a bag in Southern Cal, but I have yet to see it here. She said it was a lovely mix of all things good… if you are in the need of a cheesy, mixed up Frito Lay snack! Anybody know where I can find Munchies Cheesy Snack Mix in Dallas?

Well it has been ages since I was called a lovely mix but it was just yesterday that Timmy referred to me as mixed up and cheesy. But hello, Frito Lay Headquarters in Plano? Dallas is frantically searching for your products in your own backyard. I think we need a dedicated hot line from you to the D office–desperate snack-a-holics can be dangerous people. Dishers?

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7 comments on “Can Somebody Help This Snack Freak

  1. Weird, I know, but I have found this product at Big Lots at Skillman and Abrams.

  2. Exxon On The Run carries the Flamin’ Hot version, not sure about the cheese version. Big Lots isn’t bad, by the way, many a nice (but unpopular) product can be found there.