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Sammich Report: Main Street Bistro & Bakery

I was visiting the Williams Sonoma Home outpost in Plano’s Legacy development last weekend (Question: “When are you guys going to open one of these things in Dallas so I don’t have to drive all the way up the Tollway?” Salesperson answer: “Sooner than you think.”) and needed a quick bite. I forewent my typical Cafe Express veggie burger for something a little more homegrown: Main Street Bistro & Bakery. I’d heard that since expanding from its original Grapevine location the food and baked goods weren’t as good as they used to be (though according to the menu we [meaning D] voted their chocolate icing the best. Nancy? Do you remember that?). Gotta say that I was quite happy with my French Brie panini: a bit of spinach, crisp Bosc pears, just fatty enough prosciutto, and — of course — plenty of buttery, gooey Brie. Paired with the Main Street bistro salad (which was basically a Greek salad tossed in a frisky lemon vinaigrette) it seemed like a great summer meal: rich, a little tart, and satisfying yet still light enough to keep you from sweating your lips off. So what’s up with the grumblings I hear about Main Street Bakery? Comments are on.

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3 comments on “Sammich Report: Main Street Bistro & Bakery

  1. “[T]ossed in a frisky lemon vinaigrette…”

    You’ve been reading too many reviews by Bill Addison. If you use “swarthy” anytime soon, we’ll think you have a crush.

  2. Actually, re: Williams Sonoma Home. Howard Lester has declared a moratorium on opening any more of those. Home oriented retailing is a nightmare right now. Where is the nesting people!!!? Aren’t you depressed, staying home and re-decorating?

  3. Main Street Bakery was a regular haunt of ours for Sunday breakfast. The food was good and so was the service. Sadly after so many bad meals – long waits after placing an order, over cooked eggs benedict, bad service etc. Shame, because it’s in a nice location and a walk around the lake after breakfast was a good way of walking off the calories :O)