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Salad Pizza, a Fairy Tale Come True

Once upon a time (1970), in a land far away (Mamaroneck, NY), lived a handsome, albiet very short, young prince. The handsome, albiet very short, young prince fell in love (it was more like “like”) with a radical hippie princess (yep!) and he wisked her away to the land far away where he (tried to) seduced her with a salad pizza pie from Sal’s Pizzeria on Mamaroneck Avenue.Thirty eight years later the hippie-princess-turned-hag-food writer can still taste that pie–the thin crust covered with hot bubbling mozzarella and homemade marina covered with a fistful of cold salad tossed in a zingy Italian dressing. The temperature contrast was sublime.It was pizza love at first bite. The end.

No, not so fast. Quick reality check: I left the prince (sorry short guys, you make me feel fat) probably days later, but I returned to Sal’s for many years to come. Today it’s still doing gangbusters business in downtown Mamaroneck (Hi Bauers!) along with another one of my favorite haunts, Walter’s, a hot dog stand that opened in 1919 and served split and grilled dogs and the best sweet potato tots EVER. (Walter’s may be closed.) But I digress. Back to salad pizza–I ate the one pictured last night. Sure it’s a little fancier–the salad is arugula tossed with blue cheese and pine nuts–but the concept is still a winner. This one I found at Fireside Pies. If you know of others, please share.

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2 comments on “Salad Pizza, a Fairy Tale Come True

  1. Hag food writer my eye!!! Lucky short prince. Taverna does a house focaccia with Arugula and pine nuts etc which is pretty good and somewhat pizzaish

  2. Yes, it’s a chain (she ducks) but California Pizza Kitchen has several unique and tasty salad pizzas.