Out with the Dog, In with Brazil

Our brethren over at Oak Cliff People report that Cafe Brazil and its wonderful chorizo-stuffed empanadas and heady brews are all taking over the vacated Cafe Italia space in Oak Cliff’s Bishop Arts. On a sad note, Nodding Dog Coffee Company is nodding off for good as the owners head east to open a new restaurant in Sulphur Springs. The Cliff giveth and the Cliff taketh away.

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5 comments on “Out with the Dog, In with Brazil

  1. Let’s hope Nodding Dog stays an indie coffee shop. I will miss their awesome baked goods, but not their mediocre coffee.

    p.s. Cafe Brazil is nice but Buzzbrews is nicer.

  2. Cafe Brazil has one of my favorite BLT’s, so I am so glad they’ll be in my hood!!