An Ocean Liner or a Piece of Chocolate Cake? You Decide.

I had a lovely dinner at one of Dallas’ finer steak houses last night. After a lovely Caesar, two Berkshire pork chops, and a handful of sweet potato fries, I was served this 7-layer tower of chocolate calories topped with little slivers of shaved chocolate, blueberries, and raspberries. This is the only size they serve—Dishers, it weighs 4 pounds. Guess the restaurant?

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17 comments on “An Ocean Liner or a Piece of Chocolate Cake? You Decide.

  1. Has to be the Palm. We had a piece of cake that big there the other day, but no berries on top.

  2. That looks ghastly. “Quantity over Quality” is the motto of most steakhouses in Dallas.

  3. Whatever restaurant it is, they’re dolling up an extra-large piece of Costco’s Colossal Chocolate cake with berries on top.

  4. Just looking at that is giving me a sugar rush….it looks almost like the cake at III Forks…..all their desserts are HUGE

  5. if you hadn’t ordered pork chops i would have guessed Truluck’s. and i’m also guessing that is your counter and plate from home, right?

    no way a restaurant would served that monstrosity on that tiny of a plate… it would be all over the place! ; )


  6. that looks so good i could live off of it for a year with all those calories !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omnomnomnom