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Shinsei: The Breakfast of Champions

dscn0142.JPGAs you may have guessed, I had dinner last night with some old (Hi, Dr. Kirkham!) friends at Shinsei. As usual the food was great: the vegetable tempura that includes avocado slices, tofu, and red peppers may be my favorite pre-meal nosh in town. Instead of ordering entrees, we loaded up on sides and sushi. And oh what a glorious meal: bok choy, broccolini, and the best Brussels sprouts EVER. I stuck to my standard bowl of veggie fried rice with an egg on top but this time I added an order of shiny and sweet shishito peppers to the mix. Ohmigod. Even better for breakfast this morning. Seriously.

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2 comments on “Shinsei: The Breakfast of Champions

  1. Nancy-
    I’m still laughing at finding my parents in the SideDish! I’m sure they told you about their morels from last week…Shinsei is AWESOME! I’ve got to try the peppers next time…

  2. Hi Stewart,
    Yes, I’m tired of hearing about the morels. I want to eat them.