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Master Sommelier Drew Hendricks Moving to Houston

Yes, it’s true. I heard the nasty rumor today and didn’t want to believe it. I immediately called Drew Hendricks and he confirmed the sad news. He’s moving to Houston to work for Pappas Restaurants as the Director of Beverage Education. How could Dallas’ hottest sommelier leave our fair city? “I want to be able to spend more time with my family,” he said. Good enough reason. I guess. He promised he’d still be around for wine dinners from time to time at Pappas Bros. Steakhouse. His replacement at Charlie Palmer is not finalized, but we are going to guess that Brandan Kelley, who has worked with Hendricks since the hot spot opened last year, will be a natural replacement. We’re going to miss you, Drew.

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3 comments on “Master Sommelier Drew Hendricks Moving to Houston

  1. Brandan is a good guy to fill Drew’s shoes at Charlie Palmer, if he is selected. Having worked with him during my on-premise wine sales days, he and I had a good relationship for York Street. He pushed for certain wines to be sold there exclusively, which brought a cult following for some less-common varietals. I walked through fire to make sure he got his wines on time, making deliveries myself at times, because he enjoyed finding the diamonds-in-the-rough. I have no doubt that he will continue in giving us a great wine experience…if he is given the job.

    Is it too premature to say “when”?

  2. Nate, Drew thinks he will be moving at the end of June, early July, so the decision should be made soon.

  3. They could also go to Pappas again and get Drew’s replacement there, Barbara Werley, the other master somm in Dallas (and 1 of 3 in TX). Regardless, Drew will be incredibly tough to replace.