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Inwood Village: Hot, Hot, Hot

Enough about Shinsei, eh? On to the burgeoning corner of Inwood and Lovers. Long ago, this was the epicenter for fine dining and it’s nice to see it blossom again. Last night I saw people walking and I don’t mean exercising. They were strolling from bar to restaurant to shop windows like people who live in real metropolitan areas. (This is Dallas, right?) Bijoux, Fireside Pies, Rise No. 1, Badovinus’ new place—all lovely spots. Plus, just west OF Inwood is Café Italia and one little restaurant where I like to hide, Patry’s Bistro & Wine Bar. Don’t tell Freckle Face, but I think he and Kim “Call Me Kardashian” Harwell hit this spot too hard. Best stuffed leeks I’ve ever had. Man, I’m into italics and handing out “bests” this morning. It’s got to be something in those shishito peppers. I mean, I am hooked. Oh well, it could be worse.

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5 comments on “Inwood Village: Hot, Hot, Hot

  1. Nancy, i think you meant “west on Lovers” or “west of inwood”, either way, it’s impossible to go west on inwood (at that intersection at least)

    and you forgot to mention Time Out Tavern and Inwood Tavern which will presumably NOT be serving ANYTHING pink. ever.

  2. i don’t think a place, like Fireside Pies, that forces you to valet park will ever encourage anyone to stroll to any other bar or window shop at any nearby store. The valet regime makes it pretty clear that you need to get your car and get on the road as soon as you step out the door. I like FP, but seldom actually go in, since I hate turning my car over to some kid working for tips.

  3. Get a grip, Matt. Just park on a side street somewhere or even across the street on the east side of Inwood. It’s really not a big deal.

  4. MAtt:
    I believe Fireside Pies does not require you to valet. You can self park as long as there is an open space in their lot. After it is full, they offer to park your car for you. You can also park across the street and WALK over yourself. You do not have to valet.