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Dog Days for a Disher

Can someone please help this sweet Disher out:

My husband and I just got a new puppy.

I’m wondering where I can find a listing for restaurants and bars that allow puppies on their patio besides Lee Harveys? I need to get her socialized which means going out and about- she can’t go to lee harveys until she has her full immunizations!

I’ve seen people with dogs on the patios of Toulouse and Taverna. Does anyone else have ideas?

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15 comments on “Dog Days for a Disher

  1. State & Allen in Uptown has a huge patio that is very dog-friendly. Big and small dogs are always welcome. They provide water bowls, too, and sometimes doggy treats.

  2. My favorite Saturday includes taking the dog to the White Rock Lake Dog Park, going to Dirty Dawgz at Mockingbird and Abrams to give him a good scrub and then going next door to Sol’s Nieto for Mexican food on the patio. They even bring a double water bowl out for your pup, and total vehicle time for all of the above is like 2 minutes…

  3. Gloria’s on Lemmon will be glad to accomodate your pet(husband) and pooch. They will bring water…

  4. Took our pooch to Toulouse. They even have dog dishes with water for them. Evian you ask?
    Not sure.

  5. Thanks fellow Dishers! I just had lunch at Little Katana and they said my pup is welcome on their patio too! Whew!

    You may find this interesting as well:

    Shows dog friendly places all over the country; lodging, restaurants, stores. Who knew that Neimans downtown allows your pooch to shop with you!? (clearly I’m not a big Neimans shopper, mainly because I can’t afford it!).

  6. You might not want to take your pooch to White Rock Dog Park or any dog-populated areas until the immunizations are completed. Puppies are extremely susceptible at this time of life.

  7. Dodie’s on Lower Greenville has been good, as well The Pour House on Skillman, and the San Francisco Rose

  8. Toulouse is great, they pay more attention to your dog than you! All of the stores along Knox will let you bring your dogs inside – Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, Z Gallerie, etc.
    Vickery Park patio is great for dogs on the weekend.
    Breadwinners, Dream Cafe…lots of places in Uptown/West Village/Knox Henderson with patios allow dogs!

  9. Barley House has a pooch friendly porch.

    Gingerman lets dogs have the run of both the front porch and the beer garden in back.

  10. All stores along Knox allow dogs except Weir’s. Go figure. Building owner Weir’s also made Froggies take out those hilarious Mik Wright photo greeting cards, as they felt they were inappropriate. And, my stylist at Osgood O’neil told me Weir’s was the reason that they could not serve wine in the salon. How un-Christian!

  11. The Porch (Henderson/Willis) allows dogs on their patio too and they bring out a water bowl for them as well.